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BEST OF THE REST On the evening of February 6th, Greenway's stars walked the red carpet in our school's version of the Academy Awards. Principal Barnes was the master of ceremonies which was held in the packed District Office Board Room.  There were so many Demon supporters there to see the spectacle that the other eight schools' principals had to stand in a hallway during the 45 minute ce…

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Shayla Doyle

Fresh from our newsroom

  • Powder Puff Proves That Girls are Tough POWDER PUFF PROVES THAT GIRLS ARE TOUGH Friday night lights came back for one final game with the Demons Powder Puff Football game.
  • Is NJROTC for Me?  IS NJROTC FOR ME? When students sign up to be a part of Greenway's NJROTC program they have committed to joining a group that belie
  • Grading Teachers from the Bleachers SHOULD STUDENTS GRADE TEACHERS? Students are graded in numerous ways such as test performance and homework completion. When will it b
  • Parental Pressure in Career Paths PARENTAL PRESSURE IN CAREER PATHS Instantly after high school, many students are faced with opportunities and the daunting question a
  • Secret Crush Will Make You Blush SECRET CRUSH WILL MAKE YOU BLUSH For the third straight year, Demons placed anonymous compliments into the LOVE box for their secret
  • Greenway 2050 GREENWAY 2050 Imagine it's the year 2050, and you step outside to switch classes, and you see an escalator for stairs and a moving si
  • Throwback TV that We Want to See THROWBACK TV THAT WE WANT TO SEE  Over the years, many favorite television shows have come to an end. If it was up to some, they wou
  • Hypebeast Culture is Not for Vultures HYPEBEAST CULTURE IS NOT FOR VULTURES Being a hypebeast is not cheap. Many single items classified as "hypebeast" can cost anywhere f
  • The Chicken War- Raising Cane’s vs Chick-Fil-A THE CHICKEN WAR- RAISING CANE'S vs CHICK-FIL-A Just imagine sinking your teeth into a crisp, succulent, mouth-watering piece of chick
  • Which Star for a Day is the Way WHICH STAR FOR A DAY IS THE WAY Everyone has that dream of being one person, even if it be only for one day. Some people may want to
  • One Desire if Your House is On Fire ONE DESIRE IF YOUR HOUSE IS ON FIRE Imagine that your house was on fire and you had to choose what was worth saving. Here is what some
  • The Great Nerf War is Never a Bore THE GREAT NERF WAR IS NEVER A BORE On January 19th in Greenway’s massive auditorium a three hour war was waged. Theatre students tr
  • Super Bowl-Who was RIGHT and Who was WRONG SUPER BOWL- WHO WAS RIGHT AND WHO WAS WRONG The Patriots defeated the Rams by a score of 13-3 in the Super Bowl on February 3rd. Stud
  • Bird Box Will Make You Pee in Your Sox BIRD BOX WILL MAKE YOU PEE IN YOUR SOX The popular movie on Netflix, "Bird Box" came out on December 13th, 2018, yet people are still
  • Skate or Die SKATE OR DIE According to Google and Wikipedia, skateboarding, as we know it, was probably born sometime in the late 1940s, or early 1


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    Best of the Rest
    BEST OF THE REST On the evening of February 6th, Greenway’s stars walked the red carpet in our school’s vers
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    Views on the Biggest 2018 News
    VIEWS ON THE BIGGEST 2018 NEWS 2018 was filled with a whole lot of news stories, both good and bad. Students were asked
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    The Bout With Drop Outs
    THE BOUT WITH DROP OUTS Students drop out every day. Did you know that according to the Phoenix Business Journal over 1
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    The Debate About Making Greenway Safe
    THE DEBATE ABOUT MAKING GREENWAY SAFE According to nypost.com, five percent of schools have metal detectors and better s
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    The “Buzz” With Vaping
    THE “BUZZ” WITH VAPING Vaping is spreading more and more throughout people’s every day lives. In July
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    Demons Caught Cheating
    DEMONS CAUGHT CHEATING Students have been cheating on homework, classwork, and tests for many years. There are many ways


Demon Center (1)

  • WRESTLING (Varsity, JV/FR)
    WRESTLING  GAME TIMES: VARSITY 5 PM–JV/FR 4 PM Head Coach: Andrew Luckenbill, JV- Brandon Irwin, FR-Jeff Cox, And
  • BOYS SOCCER (Varsity, JV)
    GAME TIMES: VARSITY 6 PM—JV 4 PM VARSITY (2-9) Coach: Allen McRae, Kelly Dowd 11/27-WASHINGTON-@6PM-AWAY~LOSS 0-9
  • GIRLS SOCCER (Varsity, JV)
    GAME TIMES–VARSITY 6 PM–JV 4PM VARSITY (2-9) Coach: Rob Amen, Mike Mason 11/27-WASHINGTON-@6PM-HOME~LOSS 0
    GAME TIMES VARSITY 7 PM–JV 5:30 PM–FR 4 PM VARSITY (12-5) Coach: Jay Montoya 11/27-WASHINGTON-@7PM-HOME~WIN
    VARSITY (1-16) Coach: Howard Mueller   11/15-scrimmage-@5pm-away 11/19-11/21-SLOPE TOURNAMENT-AWAY Greenway Boys Baske
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    Getting Down With Demon Sounds
    GETTING DOWN WITH DEMON SOUNDS An orchestra is a group of instruments playing together under the direction of a conducto

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Presidents' Day- Feb. 18

Spirit Week- Feb. 19-22

Spring Assembly- Feb. 22

Opening Day (Softball)- Feb. 26

Opening Day (Baseball)- Feb. 27

Spring Break- Mar. 18-22


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