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Girls Basketball Has It ALL

GIRLS BASKETBALL HAS IT ALL As the crowd cheers, the Lady Demons walk back into the locker room after they crushed yet another opponent.  The girls varsity record is now 6 wins without a loss. If you include a preseason tournament, the team has a strong record of 8-1. Their only loss was by only 2 points in the tournament's championship game to 6A powerhouse Mountain Ridge. All five win…

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    Never Too Old for Toys- BOY
    NEVER TOO OLD FOR TOYS- BOY Remember back to those exciting days during your childhood when you absolutely felt immediat
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    Disney Plus is a Must
    DISNEY PLUS IS A MUST You have just finished your blanket fort filled with throw pillows and sheets. You go into your wa
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    Decade Down Don’t You Frown
    DECADE DOWN DON’T YOU FROWN Waking up on January 1, 2020 and feeling like the new and improved you. Now knowing th
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    Should Colleges Pay Jocks for Hard Knocks?
    SHOULD COLLEGE ATHLETES BE PAID? In 2017, Division I colleges made a resounding $1.1 billion in revenue from their athle
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    Sweet 16s Vs Quinceaneras
    SWEET SIXTEENS VS QUINCEANERAS  Sweet 16 parties and Quinceaneras are celebrations that are very important memories for
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    Is Water Wet?
    IS WATER WET? Talking with friends is always a fun thing to do. Most friends talk about how their day went, or what thei

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  • Girls Basketball 2019-2020
    Varsity Record: (4-0) Varsity Coach: Jay Montoya JV Coach: Heather McDonald Freshman Coach: Jennifer Fowler 20th Annual
  • Boys Basketball 2019-2020
    Varsity Record: (2-7) JV Record: (3-4) Freshman Record: (1-7) Varsity Coaches: Howard Mueller, Scott Mueller JV Coach: J
  • Wrestling 2019-2020
    Record: ( Varsity Coach: Andrew Luckenbill JV Coach: Brandon Irwin Freshman Coach: Jeff Cox 12/4 Apache Junction- Varsit
  • Boys Soccer 2019-2020
    Varsity Record: (0-4-1) JV Record: (0-5) Varsity Coaches: Allan McRae, Ken Laird JV Coaches: Candice Nelson 12/10 Washin
  • Girls Soccer 2019-2020
    Varsity Record: (0-5-1) JV Record: (2-4) Varsity Coaches: Rob Amen, Mike Mason  JV Coach: Alexa Atwater Washington 12/3
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    Badminton (Varsity and JV)
    Varsity Badminton (10-4) 8/28 McClintock @4 pm- Away- Win- (9-0) 9/5 Verrado @4pm- Away-Win- (7-2) 9/9 Independence @4pm

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