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GREENWAY VOLLEYBALL CROWNED STATE CHAMPIONS Greenway's Volleyball team finished the season undefeated with a 17-0 record as STATE CHAMPIONS.   Head Coach Sarah Peterson and her Demons is the second team in Greenway history to be crowned State Champions. The girls took down the Salpointe Lancers from Tucson to take the State title. In front of a packed house at McClintock High School, our …

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Jenna Alcantar

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    Good Teacher Traits
    WHAT MAKES A GOOD TEACHER GOOD? What makes a good teacher?  Well, I went ahead and asked a few students and teachers he
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    Glances of Greenway from the Last 45 Years
    GLANCES OF GREENWAY FROM THE LAST 45 YEARS While the rest of the nation was celebrating the end of the Vietnam War, Gree
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    Favorite Teacher Features
    FAVORITE TEACHER FEATURES Many teachers here at Greenway are very loved. The Demon students appreciate their teachers ve
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    Are You Flirting with Me?
    ARE YOU FLIRTING WITH ME? “You can catch a lot of flies with honey, but you can catch even more honeys being fly.&
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    Green Music Makes for a Golden Evening
    GREEN MUSIC MAKES FOR A GOLDEN EVENING October 3, 2018 was a night to remember with a beautiful performance by orchestra
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    Home of De Memes
    HOME OF DE MEMES Memes have been around for quite awhile. The definition of a meme is: an idea, behavior, style, or usag

Demon Center (1)

  • WRESTLING (Varsity, JV/FR)
    WRESTLING  GAME TIMES: VARSITY 5 PM–JV/FR 4 PM Head Coach: Andrew Luckenbill, JV- Brandon Irwin, FR-Jeff Cox, And
  • BOYS SOCCER (Varsity, JV)
    GAME TIMES: VARSITY 6 PM—JV 4 PM VARSITY Coach: Allen McRae, Kelly Dowd 11/27-WASHINGTON-@6PM-AWAY Congratulations
  • GIRLS SOCCER (Varsity, JV)
    GAME TIMES–VARSITY 6 PM–JV 4PM VARSITY Coach: Rob Amen, Mike Mason 11/27-WASHINGTON-@6PM-HOME~LOSS 0-4  
    GAME TIMES VARSITY 7 PM–JV 5:30 PM–FR 4 PM VARSITY (6-1) Coach: Jay Montoya 11/27-WASHINGTON-@7PM-HOME~WIN 6
    VARSITY (1-5) Coach: Howard Mueller   11/15-scrimmage-@5pm-away 11/19-11/21-SLOPE TOURNAMENT-AWAY Greenway Boys Basket
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    Getting Down With Demon Sounds
    GETTING DOWN WITH DEMON SOUNDS An orchestra is a group of instruments playing together under the direction of a conducto

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Editorial Board


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    Nightmare in my Underwear
    NIGHTMARE IN MY UNDERWEAR Everyone gets nightmares at some point in their life. Maybe it’s about the monsters unde
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    Bad Grammar Be Embarrassing
    BAD GRAMMAR BE EMBARRASSING  Being able to speak properly reflects not only on one’s education, but it also refle
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    Demon Dance Revolution
    DEMON DANCE REVOLUTION Dance has impacted many people’s lives and plays a major role in society today. It has been
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    Take a Picture; It Might Last Longer
    TAKE A PICTURE; IT MIGHT LAST LONGER Photography Club is somewhere you can express your interests through pictures. Acco
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    Demon Art is from the Heart
    DEMON ART IS FROM THE HEART What can be considered art? Many things such as sculpting, painting, drawing, photography, a
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    Role Models Inspire Demons
    ROLE MODELS INSPIRE DEMONS An inspirational person is someone who does astonishing things, and many of them deserve to b


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Thanksgiving- Nov. 22 & 23

Winter Assembly- Dec. 7

Final Exams- Dec. 19 & 20

Second Semester- Jan. 8



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