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Slinging the Hash Makes Students Cash

December 14, 2017 10:54pm | Teven Burtis

SLINGING THE HASH MAKES STUDENTS CASH Here at Greenway High School, we have students who work in the cafeteria. They not only serve the kids food but also enjoy doing it. They get paid around ten dollars an hour and work everyday during their lunch. […]

A New Face in a New Place

December 14, 2017 10:53pm | Christian Hernandez

A NEW FACE IN A NEW PLACE (Christian Hernandez is a new student who transferred from Tolleson)  I just woke up and was really late. Not just late to class, but late in the year. As I planted my first steps on this campus I […]

It’s Been a Little “Strange” Lately

November 13, 2017 8:08pm | Evan Kinsler

IT’S BEEN A LITTLE “STRANGE” LATELY Last year, it was a small, simple series that was on everybody’s “Recently Added” list on Netflix. Now, it is a worldwide sci-fi/thriller sensation that has captured the attention of people both young and old.  The series is set […]

Faculty Jobs Before They Taught Might Not Be What You Thought

November 9, 2017 2:46pm | Mellisa Morales Vasquez

FACULTY JOBS BEFORE THEY TAUGHT MIGHT NOT BE WHAT YOU THOUGHT You know them, you love them, but did you know what they were up to before they were in the classroom? Many Greenway teachers had jobs outside of education before they joined Greenway’s faculty. […]

Some Rally for Life Outside the Valley

November 9, 2017 2:42pm | Wilson Jungermann

SOME RALLY FOR LIFE OUTSIDE THE VALLEY As part of life, we sometimes find ourselves in new places. There will always be those people who live in the same house, town, or state until they go off to college, while there’s other people who’ve lived […]

Coaching Teachers Bring Education to the Bleachers

November 9, 2017 2:38pm | Susie Bartholomew

COACHING TEACHERS BRING EDUCATION TO THE BLEACHERS Many of Greenway’s amazing teachers do more than just teach us math or science. There are several teachers here on campus that coach sports along with teaching our Demons throughout the day. This can make for a long […]

Demon Fans of Underrated Bands

October 16, 2017 9:40pm | Katy Churchwell

DEMON FANS OF UNDERRATED BANDS  So many haters give bands a bad name for no good reason. Several students were asked what their favorite underrated band/artist was and why. There were may different responses, but there were a few “underrated” bands and artists that stood out. […]

Demon Pets Have No Regrets

October 3, 2017 10:44pm | Shayla Doyle

DEMON PETS HAVE NO REGRETS Greenway students like to come home and find a friendly face waiting to greet them.  I’m not talking about a parent or sibling; I’m talking about a happy pet.  Some people have one special pet and others may be animal […]

Demon Senior Story- What’s the Next Chapter?

October 3, 2017 10:32pm | Bailey Defoor

DEMON SENIOR STORY- WHAT’S THE NEXT CHAPTER? Greenway’s seniors will have to enter “the real world” once they walk down the aisle during graduation. The question is where will they all go? “So far [this year] I’ve seen 300 seniors,” College and Career Specialist Mrs. […]

The Best Darn Band in The Land

October 3, 2017 10:31pm | Alexa Zamora

THE BEST DARN BAND IN THE LAND Band is one of Greenway’s proudest programs, and they are known in Demonland as “The best darn band in the land”.  Students who take part in band dedicate their mornings and afternoons to practice for their performances in […]