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Teacher Gifts that Rock and Those that Smell Like an Old Sock

September 7, 2017 3:27pm | Skylee Russell

TEACHER GIFTS THAT ROCK AND THOSE THAT SMELL LIKE AN OLD SOCK “The best are just little hand-written cards,” Mr. Mrozinski said.     When it comes to showing appreciation to teachers, it can be hard to know exactly what they would like. Some, like […]

From Art to GSA- Have It Your Way

September 7, 2017 3:27pm | Alexa Zamora

FROM ART TO GSA- HAVE IT YOUR WAY Along with the new school year comes all of the clubs and activities that start up. From chess club to Japanese club, each has a unique purpose and all of them are fun and exciting. Whether it […]

Wattpad Caters to Demon Writers and Readers

September 7, 2017 3:24pm | Bailey Defoor

WATTPAD CATERS TO DEMON WRITERS AND READERS Wattpad is a reading app where someone can create their own stories. Created in 2006 by Allen Law and Ivan Yuen, it allows the user to publish their books for others to read and also allows them to […]

Passion for Fashion

September 7, 2017 3:24pm | Susie Bartholomew

PASSION FOR FASHION Greenway girls have fashionable tastes.  From seniors to freshmen, the ladies of Greenway are very particular about what they wear.  One can see a wide variety of styles around campus, and it’s the differences that makes people’s fashion sense unique. “I like […]

Let’s Hear It- Greenway’s Got Spirit (at Fall Assembly)

September 7, 2017 2:14pm | Damian Gutierrez

LET’S HEAR IT- GREENWAY’S GOT SPIRIT (AT FALL ASSEMBLY) On Friday, August 25th, Greenway High School held the first sports assembly of the 2017-2018 school year. Swim, cheer, golf, cross country, volleyball, badminton, and football were all acknowledged during the assembly, and various other groups […]

Report Card: Video Games

August 28, 2017 9:22pm | Norman Heifner

REPORT CARD: VIDEO GAMES PORTAL   (C+) Portal is a puzzle game where you use portals. This game was the first of its kind, bringing interesting elements that have never been seen before. With killer robots trying to destroy you and endless traps to stop […]

Favorite Childhood Movies

May 18, 2017 9:04pm | Caylin Markle

FAVORITE KID FLICKS We all have that one movie from our past that we still watch because it’s so good. From Disney to Universal Studios everyone has a favorite childhood movie. Here are a few favorites of Greenway students:   Jacob Burden: the Sponge Bob Movie […]

Electives Make Greenway Go Round

May 17, 2017 8:58pm | Diamond Galindo Rodriguez

ELECTIVES MAKE GREENWAY GO ROUND Every individual has different versions of themselves. One minute they can be cool, calm and collected and the next they can be jumpy or super hyper. I went around and asked  Greenway students if they choose electives that allowed them […]

Nickname Hall of Fame

May 16, 2017 9:30pm | Aubrey Nicole Hodges

NICKNAME HALL OF FAME A lot of people have a nickname here at Greenway.  Some are odd and some traditional. Check some of them out: Freshman Genesis Lopez said, “The nickname people call me is Jenni. My grandmother started calling me Jenni when I was […]

Greenway’s Most Embarrassing Stories

May 16, 2017 8:58pm | Prisila Romero

MOST EMBARRASSING STORIES Tyson Smith “There was this person I liked and they found out. So I asked them out but they never said yes or no. Now every time we make eye contact in the hallways, it’s very awkward and we both look away quickly.” […]