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Mom Don’t Be Lame and let Me Play my Video Game

December 15, 2020 5:27am | Jillian Wright

MOM DON’T BE LAME AND LET ME PLAY MY VIDEO GAME You’re in the middle of a match in Rocket League, the scores are tied, and you have to go into overtime in the middle of the game for the final point. Just before you’re […]

Netflix are Totally Sick

December 15, 2020 5:26am | Maya Beganovic

NETFLIX ARE TOTALLY SICK For many of us, 2020 has brought lots of things- new friends, new perspectives on life, and new hobbies. But most of all, it has brought a huge wave of boredom to practically everyone on planet earth. Lucky for the world, […]

New Year’s Resolutions Call for Retribution

December 15, 2020 5:25am | Lily Oiegar

NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS CALL FOR RETRIBUTION Every year towards the end of December, people start thinking about what they want to do in the year to come. They think about things they want to change or improve on or new hobbies they want to pick […]

Demons’ Favorite Places Cover All of the Bases

December 15, 2020 5:24am | Brandon Agee

DEMONS FAVORITE PLACES COVER ALL OF THE BASES My favorite part of the day is going to the park every day with my dog because I get to chill and walk and hang out with my dog out of my house. Then I was wondering […]

Procrastination is a Bad Destination

December 15, 2020 5:23am | Robert Romero

PROCRASTINATION IS A BAD DESTINATION When people think of procrastination, they usually think of a person who is lazy and has a difficult time getting things done and is always on the verge of failure, and they are more or less correct. Yesterday you said tomorrow […]

Fear Can Kick You in the Rear

December 15, 2020 5:04am | David sherwood

FEAR CAN KICK YOU IN THE REAR What makes people afraid? Fear is something that consumes people, an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain or a threat. There’s good fear and bad fear. Good fear […]

Among Us is all the Fuss

November 16, 2020 3:36am | Silas Olson

1500 IQ LEVEL IN AMONG US My heart began racing immediately at the sign of that eight-letter word in red font. “Impostor” loomed in front of my very eyes and for a second, I had no idea what to do. As the cafeteria came into […]


November 16, 2020 3:34am | Lily Oiegar

RIP RBG Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a phenomenal woman. She fought every day for equal rights between men and women. In her life, she did many amazing things including serving on the supreme court for 27 years right up until her death on September 18th, […]

Decide Your Favorite Ride

November 16, 2020 3:24am | Brandon Agee

FAVORITE CARS Cars have been an important part of American life. These are the dream cars of current Demons. Freshman Brody Duplicon said his favorite car was the 240sx Nissan because it is a low car that is perfect for drifting and also has a […]

Productivity Divinity

November 16, 2020 3:23am | Jillian Wright

HOW TO INCREASE YOUR PRODUCTIVITY  Cars vrooming in the background and phones ringing nonstop with notifications. There just are so many distractions that keep us from being our most productive self. Others just have a hard time focusing on a task and need an extra […]