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Strict Parents? More Like Good Life Insurance


When most teens think of strict parenting they definitely don’t think it’s because their parents care or are being protective. Some think it’s to be unfair or to keep them locked up in their house ruining all the fun of life. Others think parents are being overprotective and too strict.

Teens want to be able and go out and have fun. “I like how protective my parents are; It makes me feel safer,” Sophomore Brianna Armor said. Parents are just doing their job, but Many will agree that some parents can loosen the strings a little bit. “I think my parents are semi strict; they aren’t that bad, but they can be,” Sophomore Kayla Spahn said.  Lots of parents don’t let their teens stay out late or wear certain things that show too much, and others are just strict just to be sure the child is safe. Having a good, safe, and fun life is something everyone wants to have, but not being able to go anywhere or wear what you want can take away those things.

Sophomore Dillon Rumney said his parents are strict sometimes, but very overprotective. With how bad this world is getting teens should be thankful or at least a little glad they have people who care for them and want them to be safe. Senior Bailey Defoor said she thinks strict parents do help make her who she is today; even though her parents aren’t as strict as most.

Wanting to go out and have a good time isn’t a crime, unless you have strict parents. I like how strict they are sometimes because they keep me in check and out of trouble,” Sophomore Kayla Spahn said. Many may appreciate the overprotectiveness of their parents because they learn skills, and they also will know how to protect their kids when they have them.

Others may despise their parents when they’re older because they should’ve been more “free.” “I don’t dislike or like the strictness, somedays I think it a good thing I didn’t do what my parents tell me not to do,” Sophomore Emma Sample said.

Parents should give their kids guidance, but also have some leeway for their kids to have fun and experience the world.