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Sound the Covid Alarm; Online School Causes Harm


We all know that COVID has been around for over eight months. Districts managed to find a way for some students to go to school in person, yet COVID still caused many schools to close back down. Most people don’t realize how much COVID has taken away some great moments, not only from students but from teachers too.

Schools closing down once more made a big impact on seniors. They won’t have homecoming games or proms. Currently, seniors can barely hang out with friends or go out because of COVID.

Senior Shayla Doyle said, “Schools closing annoys me because it is my senior year, but I know it is necessary to help decrease COVID.” Most seniors don’t have much hope of going back to hybrid learning because of how fast COVID has been increasing.

“I think schools will not be opening up next semester because of the many precautions the school district has to face with the coming year, “ Senior Connor Valerio said. 

While some students like online learning better than others, there are some students who struggle with learning from home.

Senior Norman Heinfer said, “I hate that schools are shutting down; not everyone thrives in an online learning environment and messes up the school experience for a lot of people.”

There are a few new teachers at Greenway who prioritize the safety of not just them, but students as well. Some only really care about teaching and watching students grow and succeed no matter where they teach.

Greenway teacher Mr. Humphreys said, “The number one priority is to keep students safe. My job, as a teacher, is to provide a quality education regardless of what learning model we are in. I am going to do my job to the best of my ability every day.”

Though Greenway seniors have it pretty tough, freshman students have lost some things too. Freshman won’t get to experience their first football games or make friends on the first day of school like other students usually do. Freshmen won’t get to see their teachers in person, and if they are struggling a lot online it can be harder to find help because they haven’t really gotten to friends yet.

Greenway teacher Mrs. Kuhlman said, “It’s hard to make a prediction because there are so many factors that are beyond our control. We will most likely start with the hybrid model and then transition back to full in-person learning. I think this has probably permanently changed school in a lot of ways—there will probably be students who seek to continue online learning because they discovered that works best for them.”

At this point who knows when things will get back to normal for anyone. Some people think that by next semester students and teachers will be able to go back to school; however, some think because of all the precautions that school districts need to take, opening schools back up will take a while. Hopefully, COVID will end soon so everything will get back to normal and students can go back to school without any struggles.