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Meeting People Online is not always Fine


Sometimes people on the internet may seem interesting, but we don’t know these people and what their intentions are. Of course, not everyone’s experiences are the same.

Some of the people who have good experiences may even find their love.

“As a person that not only dated online, but married one of those dates, I’d have to say full trust needs to be earned, but one needs to keep the door open,” Theatre teacher Mr. Losenicky said.

This may be true; some people have good conversations and friendships online. Some even become lifelong friends.

Not everyone agrees with online friends. Some are very skeptical about online and don’t think it’s safe.

“I honestly don’t think anyone should have internet friends; I mean there’s pedophiles and all types of bad people on the internet,” 8th-grade teacher Mr.Bundy said.

Of course, there are some people who are somewhat in the middle of it all.

“I think you can create meaningful relationships online, but safety has to come first. Never meet up with someone you met online and don’t give out personal information,” Math intervention teacher Mrs. Kuhlman said. This is true sometimes it may be somewhat safer to keep the friendship online seeing as you don’t know what this person will do if you meet.