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Mask Up Buttercup


Walking down the street, many people seemed to be wearing a mask. No one seemed out of the ordinary, but getting home I started feeling hazy. This goes to show how easily COVID can spread, even with a mask on. Going out has become hazardous.

¨It would be a great idea if there were some temporary laws put into place in Arizona to help prevent the spread of COVID.  The problem is having the people adhere to those laws.  For instance, if we had a law in place that mandated that everyone in public had to wear a mask, how many people would follow that law.  Maybe they believe that it is their right to do as they please in public because we are Americans.  Laws only work if people obey them.  I will support such temporary laws for not just the sake of my family and friends, but for our country to get through this virus,¨ Teacher Darrell Barrett said.  There are still a handful of people who are against the use of masks, but that´ll just make COVID last longer. Having some kind of temporary laws put into fruition will help stabilize or even lower the number of cases of the virus will make it so more people can return to their normal lives.

 Many people have different perspectives on our current situation, but one thing we can agree on is that we all want covid to finally go away. “I believe that people should listen to public health officials by wearing masks and social distancing. I think that would help our COVID numbers go down. My evidence is what public health experts are saying about the virus. I think this will help our current situation because the Covid numbers and hospitalizations will go down. At this point, a vaccine may be our best shot to fully return to normal,” Teacher Gabriel Hernandez said. People have been against wearing masks due to their free rights, and that’s fine. However, they need to understand that other people fear COVID and do not want to shorten their lives because of others not listening or not taking the virus seriously.

 “My mom had COVID before doctors knew what it was, and it was serious. She was really sick and couldn’t sleep or eat for 3 days,” Sophomore Kayla Spahn said. COVID is real and it can affect even the healthiest of people pretty badly. Many families are living in fear, so we need to help each other as a community in order to make families feel safe.

There are several different ways people cope with Covid, and most people really do enjoy the free time they have “I’ve been playing video games and hanging out with my brothers to keep from being bored,” Junior Jackson Thorp said. “I read books to avoid being bored during quarantine,” Senior Bailey Defoor said. 

We have managed to last this long with a virus that had put many people into quarantine, and most of them have never experienced something like this. We have lasted this long with the virus, but we cannot lose hope yet. Let’s keep going and do not give up just yet!