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Better Things to Come in 2021


2021 is coming! We are already at the end of 2020, we are all ready for this year to end and for better things to happen.

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We can all agree that 2021 might not change all that much.

“I expect 2021 to be very similar to 2020. I think the only difference is that because of everything we went through in 2020, much of the events won’t come as a surprise,” Junior Jackson Throp said.

2020 has been full of surprises and problems, and we all have learned to deal with them over time if 2021 brings us more problems we’ll all be able to handle them. We can’t expect for all of our problems now to go away then. Many things will stay the same, but will hopefully escalate to a better standard.

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COVID-19 has been the hardest thing to handle and adjust to in 2020.

“I say 2021 will be better because there might be a vaccine out for COVID, which will make it where we can go out in public without a mask,” Freshman Tony Juarez said. Most people are tired of wearing a mask and being on lockdown every other month, no one has anything to look forward to. If a vaccine is available, people will probably be required to take it, especially if you are going to go back to school. The vaccine could be good or it could be bad; it’s still early to tell if it will work.

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There’s not going to be a lot to expect in 2021, only because we are still handling 2020 and still trying to get it under control, but social issues might change. “I believe my social life will change in 2021”, Senior Bailey Defoor said.  In 2021, lockdown will be over and people can go out into the world again. People won’t have to rely on their phone to contact someone and we can talk in person again. 

“My prediction for 2021 is that things will start returning back to what we considered normal before.  However, I also think that things will continue to be more accessible and efficient.  People and companies had to figure out how to adjust to the pandemic, so I think things like “curbside” pickup and Webex/Zoom meetings will continue after the COVID-19 days as more people have learned how to manage with these new trends,” school counselor Jennifer Mattingly said.
This is a popular opinion/ prediction. People have adapted and have gotten so used to this new lifestyle, and might not want to go back to something old. Yet, some people on the other hand are eager to go back to normal but will still use these new ways in their daily life.  Most people, want to be able to go out and not wear a mask, or even not have to wait in line to get into a store.
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Therefore, 2021 could get better or worse no one will know till the new year comes. People are just happy 2020 is coming to an end and wishing for the new year to bring something better.
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