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Are Students Educated or is School Outdated?



In the time of online schooling, a lot of questions have been raised about the educational system. Some students feel that they were pushed to pass the class rather than learn the material. 

A lot of students don’t feel prepared when they go into the ‘real world’ where we all pay taxes, vote, have credit scores, and so much more. A lot of people tend to blame parenting, while others blame the educators. Teachers cannot control what they teach, but the districts and government can. Instead, they should implement classes that may lead to a successful future; life skills, personal finance, mindset, and self-awareness, etc.

Mrs. Walth, Greenway’s biology teacher, said, “Education has changed in some ways in the 38 years I have been teaching.  We used to have classes that prepared students for a life outside of college.  We used to have welding, agriculture, and small engine repair.”

These classes could benefit students who want a future in auto, construction, etc. Many students feel that school now is more about passing than actually learning the course and class itself. The units and courses can feel rushed and too quick for students to keep up.

Freshman Matthew Khamo said, “The school system has changed drastically, throughout the years we’re pushed to pass and not learn. We get graded on a lot of subjects and topics that most will not likely use once we’re out of school. As students, we know that we will graduate high school knowing what y=mx+b is, but not know how to build credit or do taxes.”

During high school and college, a lot of students tend to feel overwhelmed and stressed, causing a mental health decline. Freshman Andjela Savic said, “Mental health is a priority, schools should have a ‘mental health center’ where students can go to get a little break.” They can recuperate and go back to class after a short break.

There are terms like “freshman fifteen,”  a term for college freshmen gaining 15+ pounds because of their bad eating habits due to the stress. Another is “sophomore slump,” for sophomores who are getting lazy and falling behind. There are so many terms like this that could be changed if schools and staff made it a little easier on students, especially in a time like this.

Students and staff are not used to being online and that is another stress to add to the list. Freshman Serenity Culp said she feels that more accessibility to the teachers and staff would be helpful, She also said “Only having three classes a day should remain like that, it takes some of the weight off everyone’s shoulders.”

A lot of times, schools and education boards don’t take into consideration the effects on students futures, parents, and even teachers, learning one thing at the beginning of the year and not being able to remember it for finals not only affects the students’ grades but the schools’ and districts’ averages.

Isabelle Martinez, a freshman at Greenway said, “School is a place to turn in assignments and get good grades on them rather than actually understand the work we’re doing.” She also said, “I can say that I remember absolutely nothing from eighth-grade algebra.”

Students should be taught valuable things that will be used long term, not how to find the slope of a line on a graph.