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I’m Dreaming of a Covid Christmas


It’s December 25, 2020. You wake up later than expected. When walking to the living room, you see your family smiling and waiting for you, but something doesn’t feel right. You then remember the pandemic; it brings your mood down, but you can’t show that it does. You realize that everyone is currently struggling due to Covid but you still have to stay positive. Your parents remind you that you won’t be seeing any other family for a Christmas get-together. Christmas is different this year.

For many, plans for the holidays have changed dramatically.

Choir Teacher Mr. Rafferty said, “Our Christmas is very different from year to year. One year we celebrate with my family in AZ and the next we are in Utah with my in-laws. Normally my family has three events on various days and we go all out. We had planned to really change things up this year but still gather in my parent’s backyard on Christmas day to see one another and eat. However, since it is our Utah year, we still don’t know.  Our plan is to still travel but only after we isolate for two weeks (no visitors and no going out). Once we arrive we have my in-laws’ basement to stay and we only do outdoor activities while there. Now, all of this can change if either family has any problems,”

Christmas is a time of year that brings joy to many. You get to spend time with family and maybe friends.

Sophomore Jasmine Enamorado-Feagans said her family is making sure if someone is sick, they stay home, but other than that, they are keeping all the same plans. While it is definitely important to stay safe, it is also important to keep your life as normal as possible, especially during holidays.

“We tend to do a small family celebration each year with my immediate family, so we will do that again. I typically would do something with friends however, we’ve decided to do that virtually this year,” English Teacher Ms. Taglia said.

Freshman Amber Swindler said that she won’t be baking cookies or pie this year but other than that it will be the same as every other year. For a lot of teens, Christmas isn’t a big deal anymore. It’s typically the time for finals and it can be very stressful to the point where teens focus more on studying than the holiday, especially with online school.

“I’m upset that I won’t be able to see some of my distant family due to Covid because I haven’t seen them in a while and I miss them,” Sophomore Vanessa Robles said. Not being able to see family especially during hard times is difficult for many.

Considering the way 2020 has gone so far, we can’t expect it to get better overnight. For that reason, 2020 Christmas will be different for many.