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Teachers Go On About Hybrid Pros and Cons


Mr. Morales, the veteran Psychology teacher, sits at his desk allowing for the students to trail into the WebEx call. While letting the students in virtually, Mr. Morales greets each student entering the classroom setting. Though students were physically in the classroom, Mr. Morales could feel that the students were mentally somewhere else. As he began to teach, he stood up and looked at the disarray of the students. Though hybrid learning was supposed to help with interactions, some teachers feel as though hybrid teaching creates more barriers than opportunities. 

 The big question everyone is wondering is, ¨What do teachers think of hybrid learning?”

Starting on October 19th, 2020, Greenway High School transitioned to the hybrid learning model. Though students may be happy to see friends, do students often think of how teachers feel about the new model?

Greenway science teacher Ms. Nelson said that she would like to be back in person because that is the best part of being a teacher, and having conversations that aren’t face to face are super weird. On the other hand, she said that she doesn’t want anyone to get sick during this new form of learning.

Though some teachers may disagree about the effectiveness of hybrid learning they all want the students to be safe. Like Ms. Nelson, many teachers want the best for the students and want them to succeed even during these unprecedented times. It is up to the students to help teachers attempting to reach out to students, in-person and online. Even listening to a certain request of a teacher can brighten up their day.

¨What is one thing I wish they could or would do for me personally? As always, wash their hands!¨ Ms. Nelson said.

Greenway English teacher Ms. Gould said that her tip would be for teachers to incorporate the element of fun into their lessons. The idea of learning includes community building which means we don´t always need to be serious all the time.  Though the idea of learning is a responsibility for teachers, most of the results will come from the students experiencing the other end of the learning spectrum.

Besides the relationship with students, teachers strive to have communication in all aspects, including with parents. Ms. Braun said parent engagement is also at play: if teachers can’t get a hold of a parent by phone or email, then it’s hard to enlist parent help for their students’ success.

¨For the students, my tip would be to reach out to your teachers and communicate with them if you are having issues with online learning, and not just with the technology piece. We´re all dealing with the stress and anxiety of hybrid and virtual learning and your teachers are here to help you through that, but you have to let us know,¨ Ms. Gould said.

We as people tend to forget that teachers are human beings as well, as crazy as that sounds. Rather than just go to a class and leave when the bell rings at school or when the teacher is finished talking on WebEx, students should attempt to make conversation or say hello to the teacher.

So like many students who are struggling with hybrid learning, many teachers are feeling as though something is missing from this strategy of learning. Instead of simply entering class without acknowledging the teacher, try asking your teacher how their day is going. Communication during this time is a key for success.

¨It has been harder for me not to have the face to face interaction because I can’t tell if the student is paying attention. In class, they are either looking at me, neighbors, or notebooks. At home, they might be looking at me but if they have two screens, I wouldn’t know that,¨ Greenway math teacher Ms. Vera said. Ms. Vera said that hybrid hasn’t affect her scheduling of lesson plans, but she did have to keep on an eye on the students in person and online.

In response to the struggles of hybrid learning, some teachers have found ways to make hybrid learning easier for both the students and themselves. ¨I use Google Classroom for most of my assignments, so students use this platform whether they are in the classroom or at home.  Because of remote learning, it has simply changed the way lessons are taught and the way students receive information,¨  Ms. Hamby said. The new model has definitely made things for teachers even harder and requires them to establish a new form of reaching out to the students.

¨I cannot say that virtual learning has made teaching easier or more difficult. If I have students signed into WebEx, I will make the learning happen¨ Ms. Hamby said.

¨Before we are students or teachers, or principals or counselors or anyone on this campus, we are human beings. I think it’s really healthy to remind each other of that and honesty and humility is one way I try to improve this environment,¨ Mr. Mrozinski said.