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COVID Travels To Infinity and Beyond


 Fall break is a time to relax, maybe even go on a vacation, but because of the global pandemic going on, some people had no choice but to cancel plans. 

 I had the opportunity to travel safely to Mexico to see some family members there. Was there a chance or risk I could have gotten the virus or given it to family? Yes, but I had taken precautions the week before. Two weeks before I went to Mexico, I spent time with my cousins at their house. Then when I went to Mexico, and my family took precautions too. They all took the COVID test a week before we went to Mexico. None of them had COVID, thankfully, so that meant I did not have it either because if I had it, their tests would have come back positive. Anyways, we traveled for six hours and wore masks whenever we went to the gas station or to eat at a fast-food restaurant. My mom picked my brother and me up two weeks later.

My cousin, Angela Sanchez, said, “When we went to Mexico we took precautions such as only staying with the same people, wearing masks, and taking hand sanitizer with us everywhere.”

Even though I traveled out of the country, some other Greenway students didn’t even leave the state. Junior Bernadette Vanderhoof went to Sedona with her boyfriend and his family for a day. Even just by going somewhere in the state, we all still have to take precautions. Vanderhoof said, “We all wore masks and socially distanced from everyone there.” Vanderhoof said that after that Monday she didn’t do anything else except work or stay home and relax.

Junior Jackson Thorp went to Sedona with his family as well. Afterward, he just stayed home. Most students stayed home because of the pandemic. Even if you went out of the house, you had to take lots of precautions.

The pandemic took away some of our fun things to do for fall break, but the virus took so many things away from high school Seniors. Yes, people can still go out of the house to do fun things, but only with masks and precautions.

Senior Adrianna Russ said, ”All of fall break, I pretty much just stayed at home because I was hit for senior assassins, so I couldn’t do much.” Russ could have gone out and hung out with friends, but she wanted to stay alive for senior assassins. 

Three out of five people interviewed expect COVID to still be around next year. They think that spring break will look very similar to fall break. The other two however think that there will be a vaccine by then and everything will be calmer. With all the precautions people are taking and with all the people who are being careless about the pandemic, who knows what will happen in the future.