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What are you looking for next year

Picture lead- Imagine a new start and a new school year. The new clothes you just bought and the new supplies for school that are all so neat and clean. Meeting new friends and getting to see your old friends from last school year. Getting to go to the games and dances. Getting to see the shows and concerts. Watching your friends graduate and get their diploma.

Many students were very sad when they found out that the 2019-2020 school year was cancelled. Even though everyone is sad there will be another year of school to have the memories that we wanted this year and have them next school year. Many people are looking forward to the things that we missed in the 2 months we missed in this school year.

Many students want a new start or to meet new people and do new things. Freshman Alex Wozniak said, ” I am looking forward to meeting new people and having new classes”. Some are excited about the sports. Freshman Megan Maxwell said,” I am looking forward to the sports I play, volleyball, basketball, and track”.

There are also things that people aren’t looking forward to. Freshman Heaven Hart said,” I’m not looking forward to all of the school work that I am going to have to do. Freshman Emma Bates,” I am least excited for AP world history next year”.

Many people missed out on a lot of fun things that were going to happen in the next two months. Maxwell said,” I am looking forward to track because I miss out on it this year”. Hart said,” I am looking forward to getting to dance in the dance show next year”. Many students practiced very hard for the sports, shows, and concerts they were going to be in.

Many of the student here at Greenway have different views on how next year is going to go. Wozniak said,” I think next year is going to go good but I will probably be more difficult”. Bates said,” I think next year is going to go good now that I know what high school is like”. Some have negative inputs on how the school year is going to be. Maxwell said,” I think next year is going to¬† be more stressful than this year”.

The teachers know what they are going to do for next year teaching wise and have a positive outlook on next years school year. Former staff¬†member Mr. Hernandez said, “I think there is going to be a focus on re-mediating any of the curriculum missed during our time away”. He also states,” I am hoping it will be normal like before we left. I would love it if all extra-curricular activities started up again like normal in the fall”.

As many of us are sad during this stressful time we can look forward to next year getting to experience everything we missed and create more new fun memories that we will cherish for the rest of our high school experience.