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Prom is Cancelled

Wake up getting ready for the day then I remembered that prom has been cancelled .  Don´t know how to act all sad for the rest of the day.

Senior Heather Johnson said, ¨Most of the seniors are mad and sad about missing prom. they had wish they could have put up a fight to save prom but their was nothing we all could do about it¨. She is devastated that she could not have her last memories with her friends . it breaks her heart that she can’t go through the last steps of high school with them. She said,¨ I have not bought my dress yet, but I did make plans with my friends to go in march¨.  This prom was going to be the best. its sad that we all wont get to attend our senior prom. Heather said,¨ I´m just really upset that i´m missing all of the senior events, but what I am mostly sad about is state track. Last year I got 5th place , and this year I was going to try my hardest to make big changes. I was working so hard to shave more time off from last year¨.

Senior Devon Day said,¨ I feel that majority of the seniors are handling the situation really well . even though some are very upset it being cancelled¨. Many of the seniors are sad that they are not able to go and make memories with friends one last time. Most people who I know have already picked or bought their dresses . She said,¨i am heartbroken that it was cancelled because it was the last dance of high school and one of the last chances to make great memories with your friends that you may never see again¨.

Senior Ben Barns said, ¨ I believe that most seniors are bummed their last prom has been cancelled but I know that most of us are keeping are heads up and focusing on things that are more important ( like our online classes).¨ Fortunately I know most guys who haven´t gotten anything for prom , but I do know most females had gotten their dress or had already ordered it. Not all of us are upset for sure, but a little of us are disappointed that it has happen. Just know on why it happen , it was for all of our safety . Ben said, ¨ I think most of us are ready to head out. Were seniors just counting down the days til graduation. I think most of us of course are dreading the fact that we can’t have our last dance but more are starting to understand that right now we have to focus on bigger things like the next chapter in our lives¨.

Senior Abigail Vallelonga said, ¨ I think the seniors are processing this differently but a majority of the seniors are very upset that prom has been cancelled. I know there are some people who are trying to arrange their own prom after this whole thing is over¨. A lot of the seniors are moving away for college or into some sort of military branch so a lot of them were really excited for prom so they could make the best memories with their close friends before we all move away from each other.  she said,¨ I haven´t bought my dress yet because I am a big procrastinator, but I do know most of my friends had already gotten theirs by now¨.  ¨Personally I am not upset as most people are , simply because I think there are bigger things to be upset about with whats going on right now.  Its sad  that prom was cancelled but it was for our own safety.¨ Abigail said,¨ while I am a little bummed i´m trying to stay positive and think about all the fun things about senior year. I got to experience my last high school assembly and my last sports season. I am upset that my senior year didn’t go as planned but I am still grateful that I did while at Greenway¨.

Senior Emma Karp said,¨ I am handling the whole situation the best way that I can with everything that’s going on¨. She said,¨ Obviously I am sad I don’t get these last memories with everyone. It’s a lame way to leave something that’s supposed to be the biggest part of our lives for so long¨. She didn’t buy her dress for prom, but she  is thankful that she didn’t because most places don’t let you return it and she feels bad for the girls that had bought theirs and can’t return it. Emma said,¨ I am not super heartbroken about it because I wasn´t even planning on going to prom this year. However I feel bad for those who wanted to go because they have been waiting their whole lives for this dance¨. Since high school is supposed to be the most important aspect in out teenagers lives , the best activities are fun, and cancelling the biggest night of everyone´s lives must have been the end of the world for a lot of people. Emma said,¨ I am really upset that I didn’t get the graduation that I wanted, and we still to this day don’t know whats that is going to look like. I hope to at least get more than our diploma through the mail. I want an opportunity to see everyone I miss so dearly. A  moment to speak to those I’ll probably never see again. I´m just bummed about the whole thing in general.

So as we see for everyone is so sad that prom has been cancelled everyone had different reactions, but one thing that these students talked about was their last memories with their friends before we all go into the real world.