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Going Crazy at Home

During this time it is important to remain calm, stay home, and of course stay safe. As we all know quarantine has changed the way we live our everyday lives. Schools are shut down, many parents are working from home, and social distancing is our main priority. Everyone is handling this quarantine in different ways. Some people are taking advantage of this so called “coronacation” and others are completely breaking down.

Being stuck at home with your family for a long period of time can make you all sick of each other.¬†Freshman Micah Winans says, ” Yes my family is driving me insane because they get mad at me for not watching the movies they pick out and for trying to stay in my room.” Some families are taking this time to get closer with one another and being a teenager during this time is harder than most would think.

Teens are usually hanging out with friends during their free time, but with social distancing that isn’t the case for most. So most students are stuck at home missing their friends and fellow classmates. Freshman Jasmine Enamorado Feagans says, “I miss my friends so much! I never had classes or lunch with them, but even just seeing them around campus brought a smile to my face. During this pandemic I learned that I can sometimes take my friends for granted and I need to spend so much more time with them. This could happen again at any time and it would really suck to be apart from them again for another 5 months.” Although sometimes friendships can be hard, the pandemic has taught the lesson that we should never take anything for granted.

It may be hard to admit at times, but school is a fun and nice place to see friends and learn. Freshman Kylee Fanty says,¬† “Surprisingly I do miss school. I miss having a place to go daily to keep me on a schedule and keep my occupied.” School kept many teenagers from creating bad habits such as staying up late and sleeping in. Being stuck at home can trick the brain into thinking you are on a break and don’t have any work to do but that is not the truth.

In order to keep families calm and not wanting to hurt each other, many families go to local parks or go on walks together just to give them the sense of humanity. Spanish teacher Mr. Bucher says, “Every Friday my family and I drive to a nearby regional park and go for a long hike in the morning. It has been great to get out and exercise, see nature and the weather is fabulous right now.” Going outside every once and a while helps give you a break from the same scenery of your house which is very good for you.

Although being stuck at home is making us all go a little mad. Whether were stuck with crazy family members or just missing our friends and amazing teachers, it is highly important to stay home and stay healthy.