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Corona causing online school

Since Corona virus started or some may call it covid 19 things have gotten pretty wierd. At first many Greenway students thought that their springbreak was just going to be a week long but then it got extended to 2 weeks long, no biggy right? We were all just excited to have more free time, but then the word got out that school would be canceled for the rest of the year because of the coronavirus. That was just crazy news, how would we see our friends, would we ever go back, how do we get our school work done? Well schools all over arizona decided to start doing online school and for many of people that is their first time ever doing online school.

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What is the biggest diffrence from going online than going to school? Freshman Alex Wozniak said, “The biggest difference about online school for me is probably not being as social but schoolwise probably being able to work whenever I want to work.”  Freshman Sinyah Briscoe said, “The difference is you don’t have to be around people and you can move at your own pace.” Freshman Kyrell Porter said, “What I find the biggest diffrence in online scool is that there is less interaction with people so in public school you can understand work more clearly.”Freshman Angelina Schauwecker said, “Online school and public school are different because in public school you can work with partners and in class you can ask for help when you are there and it is harder for me to do online.”

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Many people may think of online school as a bad thing and there is nothing good about it but in reality there are many good things about taking your classes online. Freshman Alex Wozniak said, “Probably just being able to work at my own pace and being in the comfort of my own home is the best part about online school.” Freshman Sinyah Briscoe said, “Some good things are is that you don’t get as much work and you don’t have to do everything at once.” Freshman Angelina Schauwecker said, ” Some pluses about doing our classes online is that you can do your work when you want to and you dont have to wake up early, and when you finish all your classes for the day you can do whatever you want.” Freshman Kyrell porter said, “Online school lets you relax way more and you can do different classes in different times of the day.” So, many Greenway students say that online is way more chill and you get to do your work at more your speed.

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Contradicting to the good stuff about doing online school there are some strugles with having to do your classes online. freshman Wozniak  said, ” Probably not having that 1 on 1 time with my teachers where they could help me out is a strugle.” Freshman Kyrell Porter said, ” Some bad things are is you don’t get a person to person interaction and its harder to understand classes.”  Freshman Sinyah Briscoe said, ” Bad things about doing online is you dont get hands on help because it is online and you don’t really get to see your friends.”  Freshman Angelina  Schauwecker said, ” Some things that are more difficult about online school is that you can’t see your friends and not able to have that interaction with your classes and your teachers.” Obviously the biggest strugle for most of us in not seeing your teachers and asking for help face to face, and it is hard having to social distance from your friends. Although we do have zoom chats and calss but it is’nt the same as being able to see everyone at school.

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Since all of us Greenway students and staff have expierenced Public school and online school, and expierenced the pluses and minuses, let’ts see which one these demons likes better.  Freshman Sinyah Briscoe said, ” Me personally I like Online school better.” Freshman Kyrell Perter said, “I like online better because it’s alot easier and get to do a lot more work around the house.” Freshman Angelina Schauwecker said, ” The one I like better is going to school because I like to see my friends and learn new things and asking teachers questions in person and its just harder for them to explain stuff online.” Freshman Alex Wozniak said, ” I mean this online schooling is nice and all but nothing could beat going to regular school.”

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In conclusion, none of us really expected covid 19 to cause all of this panic and confusion, and to keep many of us from getting sick and contracting the virus they shut down all public schools. Which lead to all of us doing online school. Although  it may be weird and new to many of us it is helping keep us from getting other people sick and getting sick. Hopefully everything will return to normal and we will see eachother next school year.