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Valentine’s Day the Demon Way


Valentine’s Day is a holiday of love and where you can express your feelings and emotions towards people you love more than any other day. The thought of Valentine’s Day makes people feel many different emotions.

“I feel depressed, because I don’t have a Valentine or a girlfriend,” Junior Samuel Wong said.

“Sometimes I cry, sometimes I’m happy, I have mixed emotions,” Junior Jose Valenzuela said.

Valentine’s Day as a holiday is very controversial with wether it should actually be a holiday or not. Valentine’s Day has been a holiday since the end of the 5th century, but it was not official until the year 956, when Pope Gelasius declared February 14 St. Valentine’s Day.

The fact that Valentine’s Day is not a National Holiday upsets some people.

“I believe that Valentine’s day should be a National holiday, so people can love,” Valenzuela said.

“I feel depressed during this time of the year because it reminds me that I don’t have a girlfriend,” Wong said.

Ms. Peterson had a lot to say about the holiday, “No, it should not be a holiday in general because holidays do not make everyone happy and it would be one less day for a heartbreak. We do not need another day for people to feel heavy; sometimes Valentine’s Day is hard.”

A lot of people in the United States who celebrate the holiday don’t necessarily enjoy, or look forward to Valentine’s Day.

“Valentine’s Day doesn’t excite me because it’s overly commercialized, and I gift my partner all the time,” Ms. Peterson said.

“Valentine’s Day excites me because there is love in the air, and in peoples’ hearts,” Valenzuela said.

Valentine’s Day is illustrated to be a “happy” holiday where everyone is joyful with their partners and everyone around them.

“Having a Valentine would be nice, but I don’t depend on having a Valentine to be happy towards the time near the holiday,” Sophomore Ashley Brown said.

Even in Elementary school, there would be Valentine’s Day grams given to your class and friends with little candy and notes.

“I used to give out candy grams in my Elementary class,” Sophomore Hailey Hayes said.

Valentine’s Day has been around ever since the first Valentine’s Day which was in the year 496. It all started with the Roman’s festival called Lupercalia, in the middle of February.

Having a Valentine is the main part of Valentine’s Day.

“I have a Valentine,” Peterson said.

It is normal for significant others to gift their loved one a nice present to express their love. Valentine’s Day is the only day in the year dedicated for reassurance in relationships by giving something sweet to remind the love you have for them and that you cherish them.

“Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be the only day that we prove to our boyfriend or girlfriend that we love them by doing something special for them,” Hayes said.

Going into Valentine’s Day, there sometimes is jealousy going around, “I do not get jealous of others because I am happy for them and that they have someone to love, just because I do not have someone to show my love to, does not mean I would be jealous of them. That is not my personality,” Wong said.

“I do get jealous of people because I do not have a Valentine myself,” Hayes said.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t come down to if you have a special someone to spend the holiday with. Valentine’s Day is just an extra day of the year to express love towards anyone.