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Shopping With Different Styles

Let’s go shopping! If it isn’t your size, maybe you could grow into it. That color is your favorite color, buy it. Get what makes you happy and proud to wear.

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You’re surrounded by people, bright lights, people talking, you see a sparkling shirt across the mall when you first get there. You go and buy that shirt because you think it looks great.

Annika Olsen said, “H&M is my favorite because whatever is in style, they have.” When she shops it usually costs under 30$ or less. Olsen is attracted to jeans, graphic t-shirts, and something simple and easy. She often shops about once a month.

Some people believe shopping is a waste of time and money, but Olsen said, “I get bored and shopping entertains me.”

Instead of going to the mall, Annika would rather go to freestanding stores because they have bigger sections and more options. She prefers higher quality. Olsen likes to shop at higher quality because they tend to last longer. In the end, Annika’s average outfit cost usually about $30.

Susan Bartholomew prefers to shop at Hollister and thrift shops. “Hollister has good jeans there, and for tops, I’d rather go to a thrift store because it’s cheaper.”

It usually costs her about $50 at one time. Susan is attracted to more of a retro style because it’s easy to wear and it looks like you try.”I go shopping about every 3 months because of money.”

Susan prefers the mall because they have more stores and you can also hang out with friends. Her average outfit cozy $30, seems reasonable for an average. She would rather go for the low prices but wants to have higher quality.

For Greenway students, shopping varies from person to person when it comes down to price and style.