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Secret Admirer Might Spark a Fire

Attayneka Moore – “You’re really pretty.”

Tommy Mullings – “You da prettiest boy in P.E.”

Cole Nehrkorn– “Your eyes are like a lion’s, pools of auburn honey, sunlight through amber, earthy brown speckles golden radiance.”

Chloe Littlejohn – “I like your hair (:”

Elise Shillings – “You make my day every day.”

Zach Butler – “I just want to kiss you on the lips.”

Milo MacGregor – “You’re beautiful and perfect, no matter what. I’m going to marry you.”

Alena Hunter – You’re an awesome friend!”

Brianna Armer – “She thickkkk, love you.”

Jaden Jacinto – “Dang boy, you a cutie.”

Faith Wardell – “I love you girl; I will always have your back.”

Dezaray Sauceto – “You’re such a sweetheart and always helping me out. I hope you know you’re a very special person.”

Tessa Lunog – “I love you, you’re the best.”

“You’re really beautiful.”

Charity Maley – “You’re very funny.”

Sadie Lord – “You’re a weirdo, but I love you.”

“I love you Sadie”

Robert Mendoza – “You are a hot man.”

Maddie Donner – “Your face looks yummy.”

Rochelle Navarro – “You are such an amazing person.”

Selmin Cufurovic – “Hey cutie.”

Kyle Kalasky– “I love your passion for video games.”

Daymond Neal– “Your tall and lengthy”

Dempsey Lunog – “We should hang (: you’re pretty cute.”

“You’re a cool friend.”

“You’re so beautiful.”

“You’re really cute and you have a beautiful spirit.”

Maggie Galbraith– “You are super positive and always looking for something to help out with”

“You’re really sweet and are such a hard worker; you’re going to do great things after High School.”

Hope Brossmen– “I love you so much; I’m so glad we became close and you became my best friend.”

Chipaye Zuza– “You’re really pretty.”

Josef Cordero– “I love your ears.”

Michaela Fears– “You’re irritating sometimes, but I love you.”

Jordan Guerra– “You’re so gorgeous.”

Malorie Katzenburger– “You’re a cute nerd.”

Aeysha Ibraham– “You so beautiful.”

Deziree Borrego– “You’re beautiful.”

Kendra Krog– “You’re very beautiful and funny.”

Alexandria Moreno– “You’re cute.”

Daziane Stevenson– “You are so beautiful.”

Liam Jack– “You’re cute.”

Alex Lopez– “I think you’re cute.”

Isabella Martinez– “I love you.”

Nathaniel Henderson– “Thanks for being my best friend and the best boyfriend; I love you.”

“You’re cute, hehe.”

Bernadette Vanderhoof– (no pic) “You’re cute, that’s all I gotta say.”

Celine Mora– “You always look good.”

William Kinsel– “You are an amazing person and you are one of the kindest humans ever.”

Trevaugh Miller– “You’re a cool dude; your art is amazing.”

Joseph Gallegos– “I love your hair, and you are very funny. Spending time with you is a blast. Hope we become closer.”

Roxanne Martin– “I love you more and more every second I spend with you. You are my everything.”

Jackson Thorp– “Thanks for being awesome; I love you.”

Bailey Defoor– “You are the reason why I survive math class. Thank you for being such a great friend.”

Arwen Co– “You’re the best ever; I love you.”

Katelynn Matherly– “Love you; you’re amazing.”

Emilia Winans– “I am so glad you joined wrestling this year. I feel like I can truly call you a friend of mine. I hope you enjoy the rest of your lunches, and I hope your senior year is the best year of all.”

Monica Olea– “I love you to the moon and back; you’re dummy gorgeous.”

“I swear You are so mean but I love you, and I will never stop being your boyfriend.”

Janeth Quiroz– “You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I have had a crush on you for the longest time ever and I wish you notice me more. I love you.”

“I love you baby.”

Destiny Vilagomez– “I don’t know you that well, but I think you have a great style and a unique personality”

Kevin Johanssen– “I love you, Kevin!”

“You’re the besst person ever!”

Tina Stankovic– “You are a beautiful dancing QUEEN!!!”

Josef Cordero- “You’re that best person ever”

Xitlali Vazquez– “I love you. Get a life and live it like an open note, PERIOD!”

Ethan Archuleta– “You are super handsome and one of the funniest people I know.”

Leland Blank– “I think you’re really cool and cute.”

Bernadette Vanderhoof- “Thanks for being such an amazing girlfriend. You’re the best and I’m very grateful.”

“You always look very nice and you are very funny.”

“You’re pretty cute that’s all I have to say.”

Jessica Pham- “Your fits always be poppin’ off.”

RaeAnn Meneses- “You’re the cutest person ever. I love you.”

Samantha Olmedo- “What a cutie. Remember that I love you. You are so smart. Kisses!”

-“My pretty baby loves you so much. You’re the best friend in the world.”

Aaron Vanhorn- “Love your eyes. Hope we soon get closer!”

Beth Grabiec- “You are a cutie!!!”

Marcellous Williams- “Thank you fo all the laughs you give me and making my day. You’re awesome.”

Carmelo McFrazier- “Best friend, I appreciate you so much and you’re a very special person.”

Hailey Connor- “You’re the best pillow.”

Jayden Hanson- “You’re super super pretty and so nice to me. You’re just amazing.”

Reese Begay- “I like your name, and I’m in love with you.”

Sierra Cornell- “You’re cool.”

Shaylyn Pike- “You’re so cute like it’s insane.”

Emma Swartz- “You’re very epic.”

Devin Archuleta- “You’re beautiful.”

Jean E. (Lyka)– “Thank you for blessing my ears with your singing”

“You’re an amazing singer; I love you”

Angel Matias – ” I think you’re cute.”

Caleb Petko– “You’re the best redneck.”

Karen Arreaza- “Hello beautiful! I like to see you every day. Today, you look very beautiful. I love you baby.”

Rain Turpen- “I wish you weren’t dating someone because it should be me.”

Bailey Maley- “You’re funny and cool.”

Josmara Garrces– “You’re funny, cute, smart, hardworking, and loving.”

Alyssa Marquez (no pic)- “You have such an enjoyable personality and your smile is so pretty.”