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School Dress Code is a NO GO

Many schools say children should be wearing uniforms, but many have also said children shouldn’t have any dress codes.

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School dress codes around the world have conflicting opinions from students. Many students are for dress codes and many are against dress codes. Dress codes are a system organized to keep students in check with appropriate attire. When asked, students had conflicting opinions on whether they think dress codes should be implemented.

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Junior Tyler Miller said, “Guys don’t feel like they have a dress code because they seem like they wear regular clothing.”

In some states schools make the girls cover up the holes in their pants and also make them change clothes if their knees are showing. The dress code has many controversial opinions on whether they’re fair.

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Junior Maya Beganovic said, ” I believe there’s a dress code because it keeps teens from wearing very inappropriate clothes.” Junior Tyler Miller said, “Dress codes protect each other from getting made fun of or looked at differently.”

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Senior Angelina Rodrigues said, “Dress codes are put in place so others don’t get distracted.” Teachers want everyone to look professional and like they are ready to prepare for life after high school. Adults want their children to be successful. Schools have dress codes to make people feel like they won’t get bullied or made fun of.

Junior Sydney Wolf said, “Teens should be able to express themselves freely.

Greenway Demons have strong opinions on whether or not there should be dress codes at school, but in the end, they’re they for good reasons like students showing to much or making sure people aren’t uncomfortable at school.