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Public Embarrassing Moments

There are two different types of people. There are the ones who get embarrassed easily, and those who could care less in an awkward situation. If you’re the first, life could be very difficult for you because of how often people get embarrassed. Though, if you’re the second person, you may have a lot of friends because many people like those who make embarrassing situations into funny situations.

Elementary school is probably a time when people get embarrassed the most. You start to do something and then make a fool of yourself. Freshman Adam Clements said, “One time I was hanging out with my friends and I slipped and fell in a big puddle of mud. I had to do the walk of shame all the way to the nurse’s office. Everyone was laughing at me.”

There’s always that moment after you make a fool of yourself when you just don’t know how to feel anymore. Clements said, “Once I started walking back, I saw all my friends trying not to laugh at me, but now that I’m older I realized that a lot of people slipped in mud in elementary school.” A lot of people do the same embarrassing things as other people in the world.

Freshman Lucy Turley said, “There was this time when I was younger, my mom and I went to the store and she sent me to go get something while she went the other way. After I grabbed it, I walked up to her and grabbed her hand until I realized it wasn’t my mom; my mom was across the store.”

It’s also embarrassing afterwards when you try to see if anyone was staring at you, or if you were getting judged by anyone around you. Turley said, “After my experience at the store I just felt so embarrassed and stupid.”

Freshman Tiana Herrera said, “When I was in my math class a few years ago, I was messing around in my chair and I fell backwards and landed really hard on the ground and that’s when I realized why teachers yell at us for tipping our chairs.”

Falling down is one of the most common ways to embarrass yourself, but it is even worse when you fall in front of your teenage daughter. Staff member Ms. Rademacher said, “Someone spilt something on the top floor of the mall and I slipped and fell. Obviously there is graceful way to fall so it made it even worse. Though my teenage daughter was doing nothing to help and laughed at me a whole bunch.”

It’s not like it would matter if you fall when you are alone, but when you are in a public place it make matters worse.

There are also many emotions you go through after doing something embarrassing depending on who you are.

Rademacher said, “I don’t think anyone around me was really looking, but then again I was avoiding eye contact with those around me. I was kind of mad that I fell back then, but now when I think back to it I laugh and couldn’t careless.”

After embarrassing yourself there are many ways that you could take it. You could laugh at yourself with your friends or you could be upset about it. Most teenagers and even some adults can still be easily embarrassed and it could happen quite often. No matter who you are, embarrassment can sneak up on you at any moment.