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Principal For the Day


It’s the middle of the week, and you walk into school with your friends and the principal says he needed to leave, and so you have to fill in for him. All of a sudden you feel a rush of power and you love it. The teachers become worried and your friends and fellow classmates are begging for things to change at school. You decide to be laid back and chill as the principal. It becomes the end of the day and the students are sad but the teachers are super thrilled. You finally got to see what it was like having control of the school.

Freshman Gabriella Granata said, “If I was principal for the day I would get rid of the cell phone rule.” Just like many other students, they would want to be in control of the situation.

When it comes to being in control of the whole school you might want to take advantage of it. Freshman Arianna Gast said, “It depends on what I’m taking advantage of.” Just like her, many others don’t know what they want to take advantage of. On the other hand, students like Junior Ava Husk said, “I would use it to my advantage.”

Some students would like to make a change in Greenway. Junior Skylar Montano said, “I would like to repaint the outside of Greenway, and I would like to grow the grass.” One of the main things that teenagers all agree on is making changes to the rules. Junior David Singer said, “One of the rules I would make would be having respect for the teachers and the students.”

If you had a student that was the principal there would be a lot of comments on it. Ms. Peterson said, “I think it would be a great experience for everyone.” It can tend to be nerve-wracking watching a teenager be in charge of the school, and everyone in it for the day. Peterson said, “Hopefully it would be a day that it was chill because if it was hectic then it might be crazy.”

Many students have always wanted the chance to have spotlight on them, so being the principal would make it even better. Granata said, “I would feel nervous, but I would have fun having all the power in the school.” Having power when it comes to being principal can be fun, but first, you need to make sure that you are using it wisely.

There are two different ways having a student become principal could go. It could go hectic or it could go good; it just depends on the student that is the principal. Greenway has tons of amazing students, but some of them can get too crazy and out of hand with changes, and Greenway wouldn’t want that.