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Girls Basketball Stands Tall

The Greenway Girls basketball team is preparing for the 4A playoffs where they will make a run at the State title. Led by Senior Madison Kekic and Junior Bridgett Mullings, the girls are playing extremely well and they are only getting better with every game played.

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With a 16-2 record, the Greenway Girl’s Varsity Basketball team is dangerous. They are currently ranked #4 in the state, and their first game with be on Wednesday night in the Demon Dome. Hopefully, our girls can bring home a championship!

The girls started the season off 14-0, but unfortunately, they suffered their first loss of the season against Shadow Mountain on January 20th. With a final score of 44-47; Shadow Mountain barely won the game on their home court. Despite the loss, the Greenway girls fought hard as Bridgett Mullings and Madison Kekic combined for 33 points. Ms. Fowler, the assistant coach, said that Shadow Mountain was definitely the best team they played all season.

Sophomore guard Tavia Stemmons said teamwork was the team’s best quality and their record portrays how well they work together.

Against our rivals, the girls destroyed Moon Valley 55-35 at our home. Once again, Mullings put on a show and led the Demons past the Rockets as she dropped a double-double consisting of 23 points and 17 rebounds. Moon Valley is just one of the many teams to get completely outmatched by the Greenway girls.

Ms. Fowler said, “Beating Moon Valley and Cactus by 20 has been my favorite part about the season.”

Our girls are waiting to find out who they’ll be playing since the bracket is not 100% complete at the moment. However, their amazing record will definitely have them placed at one of the higher seeds. The girls are all confident, and they all believe they have what it takes to go all the way.

Overall, Greenway has an amazing basketball program and all students are looking forward to watching the girl’s varsity basketball team compete in the playoffs.