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First Dates

Everyone goes on dates to see if they would like the person and to see if they connect with them on a personal level.

Sophomore Diego Gonzalez said, “I took her out to in and out on our first date and we were there for about 2-3 hours.” He said it wasn’t awkward at all because we were already in a relationship. Diego said, “The memory we had made was making fun of a fat guy ordering a lot of food just for himself.” He had asked out his girlfriend, and he had been in a relationship since 8th grade.

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Gonzalez said, “Personally I find it more awkward when being rejected after asking a girl out rather than going on my first date with a girl.”

Mr. Keylor said, “My wife had taken me out to dinner at Bubba’s 33.” He said it wasn’t awkward at all because they are married. Keylor said,” It was romantic because we had a really good conversation the whole night and that he had felt the same spark when they first met each other and started dating.

Keylor said, “She was the one that asked me to go out tonight since the kids were not home and wanted a night for just me and her.” Keylor said he has been rejected a long time ago when he was in high school (he was the one that rejected the girl in school.)

Junior Justin Santos said, “I took her out to the movies for a date. It was a little awkward because she seemed like she wasn’t into me and didn’t talk a lot.” Justin said they had made a few memories, and I made her laugh a lot by being funny.

Santos said,” To me it didn’t feel like a real date cause she wasn’t showing any interest in me.” The most awkward moment he said that happen was he went and tried to hold her hand and she pulled her hand away. Santos said, ” I have been rejected by a lot of girls I ask out because they always only see me as a friend or just don’t see me in that way.”

Junior Daniel Hammon said, “I took my girlfriend to Castle n’ Coasters and Chilies for out first date.” Their date wasn’t awkward at all because they have a lot in common and a lot of memorable conversations.

Daniel said, “I was the one that had asked her out on a date.” The only thing that was awkward for them was he didn’t go on most of the rides with her because he doesn’t like most of them.

Hammon said, “I have actually never been rejected when asking a girl out.”

Sophomore Alexis Williams said, “I have been on a date. He had taken me to Castle n’ Coasters to play mini golf.” Williams said It was awkward in the beginning because she has nothing to talk about, but towards the ending it was good.

She said, “We had made good laughs and conversations when he took me home he had kissed me on the cheek.” He was the one that asked her out at school through class periods. The only thing that was awkward during the date was he had lost at mini golf twice.

Alexis said, “Yes I have been rejected, but only because he only thought of me as a friend.”

Everyone has different types of dates that they’d liked to go on. Sometimes people don’t get so lucky with their dates, but everyone like to get out there and see who they connect with.