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Faculty Follies

Faculty follies just came to Greenway on January 22nd and the Demons were hyped. Teachers and staff at Greenway put on hilarious performances that made the whole crowd laugh. This is the third annual year that the staff has put on this show, and each year keeps getting better and better.

Freshman Shaylyn Pike said, “It was a great experience and my favorite part was the history of dance because I knew all the songs and it was fun to dance around to.” The history of dance was put on by Greenway’s dance teacher, Ms. Berg and the dean, Ms. Threadgill.

After Ms. Berg and Ms. Threadgill opened the show with an energetic performance about the history of dance, the teachers put on a English Departmant skit. A couple of teachers in this skit were Ms. Fowler, Ms. Gould, and Ms. Walp. This skit consisted of teachers playing students who tried to get away with plagiarism.

One of the favorites was Baby Shark. The teachers who were parents of little ones danced around with their kids who were dressed up in baby shark outfits. How adorable!

“Baby shark was so cute! I loved seeing all the babies dance and mess around. Definitely the cutest performance during the whole show,” said Junior Alexis Gomez.

The senior Wiggles dance was also a hit. Teachers and their teenage kids (who go to Greenway) all stood in a line down the stage and showed off their dancing skills.

The funniest one in the show by far was “A Van Down the River.” Mr. Rafferty put on a hilarious show that got the whole crowd laughing their butts off.

“Seeing Rafferty jump on the table and break it at the end was hilarious. I couldn’t stop laughing after that part,” said Junior Valerie Bou.

Mr. Yerger put on a beautiful show as he played the guitar, and played some songs. Everyone loved to finally hear Mr. Yerger show off his guitar playing skills.

Another one of the funniest was Highway to Hell, but there was a twist. It was a non-instrumental show. The song was played on a kazoo and the fellow teachers put in their own beat.

“It was so dope to see all those teachers use weird kid instruments to play Highway to Hell. At first, it seemed dumb, but then it was hilarious once it kept going on,” said Junior Susie Bartholomew.

The second to last show was the Carpool Karaoke skit. Ms. Fowler, Ms. Gould and Ms. Walp “drove” to Disneyland and sang their favorite karaoke songs.

The most memorable act of the show was the KISS performance. Ms. Dobberfell, Greenway’s old dean, along with Ms. Threadgill, Ms. Frias, and Mr. Feldman put on a fantastic display that made the students go crazy.

“The KISS performance was the best. Each year it gets better and better and I love it more. Can’t wait to see what they do next year,” said Sophomore Genna Villegas.

Greenway’s Faculty Follies was one to remember. Every teacher and staff member who took part in this is greatly appreciated and made everyone who attended laugh endlessly.