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In 2017 it seemed like everything was fine, but then a new trending video on youtube came across out. Now this one Youtuber, Shane Dawson, gave people a new perspective on everything in life.

For so long there have been so many things that were made up for attention on the internet, but some are really explained and no one has a way to tell how it couldn’t be possible. Now if you don’t think this topic is interesting, go out and look for how you can prove these things up.

Before actually getting into it, what is a conspiracy theory? Well, this is a theory that rejects the standard explanation for an event and instead credits a covert group or organization with carrying out a secret plot. This just means that if something that happens (or happened) many people can investigate further and make a different conclusion about it, then that could make everything seem like a lie or just questionable and confusing.

Most people have heard of many of these conspiracies coming from the famous Youtuber Shane Dawson, or maybe somewhere else. Shane has had his youtube channel for a while, and his most viewed videos were of these conspiracy topics. Many Greenway students enjoy these questionable stories, but it is crazy how much evidence is given for it to seem true. With all of these “facts,” most of these can actually make it possible to really question your life. Dacia Jennings, Junior at Greenway said, “A conspiracy that made me completely doubt my whole life would be the flat Earth theory. Not knowing whether or not NASA is telling the truth sounds very suspicious.”

Junior Charles Twilley said, “Science-based conspiracies explain the effects your own person. An example could be the iron you eat, but if you eat too much it could have a lifetime effect.” It’s great that he gave an insight into these conspiracies. So with these opinions, really nothing that can be able to change anyone’s mind. It is hard but you can’t always have a type of voice to actually say some are true.

This next part is for those who believed it was almost a hoax or that people are just overthinking these ideas.

Rachel Avila a Junior said, “Some conspiracies are questionable but there is always an explanation of things. I’d say the theory of Chuck E Cheese recycling their pizza is just because no one knows how to properly cut them. As for other ones like the end of the world or political theories it’s hard to say.”

Mr. Mckee (chemistry teacher) said, “Somewhere in Africa there’s this dinosaur that’s still alive called Mokele Mbembe and people go and swear they see it. It’s similar to a Loch Ness monster.” So who knows maybe these theories are actually piecing together explanations we can’t give.

Not all conspiracies have to be this deep thought out theory. Many people come up with these theories without even knowing it. Avila said, “A conspiracy I would make would have to do with Marilyn Monroe and the government. Just because she might have known something or else just messed with the wrong person.”

With these types of stories going on and becoming a new trend, one can really make it about anything. Dui Pham a Junior said, “Oh my god I don’t know. I’d make something about the pyramids in some ways it’s really mysterious.”

All of these things are so interesting and it seems to be a hit on how YouTubers explain them. If you got the chance what would you try to convince people about? So many things are capable to have more than their conclusion is. In the end, there are conspiracies about everything out there, and if you’re wanting to get more in-depth, you can check out Shane Dawson’s YouTube channel.