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Bang Ga Gong Demons Finish Strong

“Just because we have less wins than we should doesn’t make us a bad team.” Tommy Mullings had a lot to say about the season. He has many other reasons why he’s proud of his team.

The Demons jumped in the rankings from number 42 with a 2-9 record to all of the way to the 23rd spot in the State. They finished the season with a 6-12 record. Coach Scott Mueller is happy about the season too, when Mueller said, “We started off slow, but are coming together as a team,”  basketball player Tommy Mullings also agreed with him.

Coach Mueller also said, “We are playing good team basketball, and everyone has an equal role.”

It seems to be that Nick McClain has very similar views on the season as Coach Mueller.

Jesse Bamba said that Shadow Mountain was the game he struggled the most with, and Tommy said the same, but Coach Mueller said the hardest as a coach was either Peoria or St. Mary’s.

The Demons showed how much they had improved when they took down the 10th ranked Rockets at Moon Valley. They followed that up with a thrilling home victory against Lee Williams in a game where Greenway trailed by 6 points with a minute to go. In front of a cheering crowd, the Demons scored the last seven points to get the win.

Mullings said everyone is doing well, but Bamba, Daniel Huff, Manny Camargo, and Gabe Lopez are standing out more than he expected. Bamba said he put in a lot of work over the off season, and was happy to play point guard. Daniel Huff said that as a team they are playing better than he expected, and he said he loves his team. Huff says that there were some injury issues at the start, but towards the end when everyone’s healthy the Demons felt unstoppable.

Daniel Huff also says everyone has different but equally powerful roles on the team, and there’s no I in team. Mullings also says he likes his coach because he knows what he’s talking about and makes sure everyone does the right role.

He also says the coach helps bring the team together. McClain also mentioned that what brought their team together was the fact they knew they will play together for at least a year or two, so he knew he can’t fight with them. He said that the team is almost like his 2nd family. Bamba said that the team is also his 2nd family, and he said that he couldn’t ask for a better team. Mullings added that he’s played with a lots of teams, but this is his favorite group and he couldn’t ask for a better team to play with. 

All in all, the Demons wouldn’t change anyone on their team, and love to play with each other. They are a family and that really showed at the end of the season.