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Are AirPods Worth the Price?

AirPods are the newest obsession with teens, and they will do just about anything to get them. Air pods have great quality sound and are the go-to for Bluetooth headphones.

Many people waste their money on AirPods, and some people think that AirPods are worth the hype while others disagree. Some think AirPods are too much money while others believe that they are convenient and helpful.

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Junior Jose Valenzuela said he does not own AirPods. He exaggerated his disapproval towards the price of this Apple product. When asked of some problems with regular earbuds with wires he said, “They fall out really easy and get tangled.” He said that if he owned AirPods they would be “very important” and his “top priority.”

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Ms. Peterson from the Attendance Office also does not own AirPods. Her opinion is that they are, “too expensive.” Ms. Peterson said that some disadvantages to wired earbuds are, “they can be inconvenient during things like house cleaning or when they get caught on things.” Peterson said that AirPods are not important to her.

Junior Tyler Miller owns AirPods and has many good things to say about them. Miller enjoys using them when he works out and around the house. Miller said, “They are so cool and very helpful!” He does not feel like the price is fair although he enjoys having them. Miller was able to get these by helping around the house doing chores. He then said that they were, “very important” to him.