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Decade Down Don’t You Frown


Waking up on January 1, 2020 and feeling like the new and improved you. Now knowing that everything that you will ever remember as a child is in the past, and a new decade marks a new chapter in your life.

Many people tend to go back and recap the last ten years of their life when a new decade begins.


Freshman Emma Bates said the most memorable thing that had happened in this decade was her getting into a cheerleading competition in Chicago for the finals.  Many kids today often go through a lot of important events that will be remembered in their lives forever and some of those events can also affect you in life.

There were many weird trends within the last decade, and Sophomore Kayla Crocker said, “The weirdest trend in my opinion was the 100 layers of makeup challenge, it was weird and gross.”

Ms. Schwab said, “My favorite memory in this decade was when a woman used her canceled wedding celebration to feed a homeless shelter.”

To a lot of teenagers here at Greenway a lot of crazy things have happened to them. Sophomore Cassandra Corral said, “I ended up being hospitalized for 3 weeks,” but there were also some very happy memories during this decade.

Freshmen Emily Rhiannon-Morales said, “My happiest memory was when I got my first dog.”

In the last ten years there have been a lot of happy and exciting memories, but there were also a few sad and upsetting memories. Freshmen Emma Bates said, “The saddest memories in this decade for me was when my grandparents died.”

Students at Greenway have many expectations and goals for the next decade. Freshmen Jasmine Enamorado- Feagans said,”I think that we are going to change the next decade and make it great.”

No doubt will this new decade be interesting and crazy, but it will also be a chance for us to be able to create new memories with new friends and family and just have fun doing what we love and being with who we love. So even though our childhood is leaving us we will have chances to make new childhood memories for us to remember forever.