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Christmas Spirit-Can You Hear It?


It’s the night before Christmas, and you and your family just got done looking at Christmas lights. You arrive at home and start to make hot cocoa. You change into your pajamas and go to sleep. The next morning you wake up to the smell of cinnamon rolls. Then, around the Christmas tree you see presents galore and your family around. It becomes time to open presents, and you couldn’t be happier; the lights are brightening your face and your mom takes a picture to show all the happiness. All of a sudden it starts to snow. You put on your warmest clothes and go out to spend the whole day with your family making snowmen, having snowball fights, and letting the cold snowflakes melt on your tongue.

Christmas can bring good times and bad times, but sometimes a few crazy memories are gained after the holidays. Freshman Vanessa Robles said, “My craziest Christmas memory is getting a gift in a diaper box and crying because I thought they were actual diapers.”

The funniest memories come from the Christmas time. A lot of parents try to trick their kids by packing their presents in a weird box. Freshman Danielle Shrum said, “the week of Christmas I was playing outside, and I licked a pole and got my tongue stuck on it.”

Most families have traditions for Christmas, whether it’s going to your family’s house or simply staying home. No matter where you are, if you’re with your family then Christmas is always interesting. Freshman Gabriella Granata said, “For Christmas Eve we go to my Grandma’s to eat and open gifts. Then on Christmas day we stay home, open gifts, order Chinese food and watch Christmas movies all day.”

Christmas is a nice season to bring families together. Math teacher Ms. Eyerly said, “I like to spend time with my family because things are slowed down enough for us to have time together.” For many, their favorite part of Christmas isn’t the food or the gifts but spending quality time with their loved ones. Many times people are so busy to the point where they just don’t have the time to spend time with each other. Most stores and workplaces are shut down on Christmas or close early, so  it is a great day for family fun.

Christmas also brings really good presents. Robles said, “My favorite gift was concert tickets a few years ago, and this year I want shoes and makeup.”

Freshman Favor Mekar said, “My mom has a mindset where we don’t get gifts, but one year a nice couple gave me and my siblings toys and it was cool, but if I were to get anything I would want black skinny jeans.” Through the years our Christmas lists have changed tremendously. Teens went from wanting toys to wanting clothes and shoes.

When it comes to the holiday season, everyone has their favorite parts. For some parents their favorite part is when kids go back to school.

Sophomore Elizabeth Swan said, “My favorite part of the holiday season is getting to see my cousins.”

Granata said, “My favorite part of the holiday season or Christmas is the smells and the happiness it brings; this time of year makes me all happy, and I love seeing all the decorations and cheer every where.” Christmas is one of those feel good holidays. It depends on who you are but all of your stress can disappear right around Christmas just because of the joy it brings.

Throughout the years, traditions can be made and some can be broken. Shrum said, “For Christmas we open gifts and have either breakfast or dinner.” Even the simplest of traditions can bring so much joy to one person.

Christmas is a very special holiday. It brings smiles to peoples faces even when they just say the word. Whether the joy comes from gifts, family, friends or the food, Christmas is one of the best times for smiles and great family time.