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Best Memory of 2019 was Keen


There are many memories in 2019, but here are some of the best ones from Greenway Demons.

Ms. Rademacher said, “My best memory of 2019 would have to be going to Disneyland with my family because it was my grand daughters first time ever going. It was a happy time for all of us because we loved to watch her reaction to everything.”

Senior Hanna Madril said, “My best memory was when I went to Six Flags in California with a group of friends and getting stuck on the top of the roller-coaster. It was so much fun, and it was the most memorable time for me.  My friend, Kenya, was the one that was super reluctant to ride the rollercoaster because she is afraid of them. The funniest part was when we got stuck, she was freaking out for like 20 minutes, but it was the best memory I made in 2019.”

Freshman Jizel Sotelo said, “The best memory I had made was when I went to the Post Malone concert because he is my favorite singer of all time.”

Senior Samantha Perez said, “Best memory I made was when I went to California because I have family that lives there.”

Senior Emma Karp said, “The memory I made was getting to explore the Grand Canyon with my family; it was so beautiful and has a lot of cool shapes in the rocks.”

Sophomore Zachary Hodges said, “The best memory I made was when I got to go to Sea World for the first time. The animals were so adorable and getting to spend family time.”

Senior Alex Monaro said, “The best memory I have made was I went to Great Skate for the first time; it was a great experience I had with my close friends.”

Sophomore Emily Formanek said, “Best memory I made was when I got my letter in Swim; it means a lot to me that I approved a lot from my freshman year. I had also made the best family this year as well.”

Senior Kendra Frogge said, “Best memory I made was going to Sedona for the day because it was so beautiful and peaceful.”

Sophomore Sam Kennedy said, “The memory I made was getting to learn how to do skateboard tricks changed me because I have gotten a lot better at them now.”

Senior Genesis Lopez said, “Best memory I made was when I got to go to fear farm with my friends because it was a great first experience with them. “