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Nice and Comfy


Imagine standing with your group of friends right before school. You notice the different ways they all dress. Some are dressed up, others look like they just got out of bed. Then you look to see the girl who’s wearing a big shirt because she’s insecure, and the boy who’s dressed up because he thought that’s the way to get the ladies. This is a typical morning in high school.


Kylee Fanty, a freshman at Greenway, said, “It really depends on the day and when I wake up. If I wake up early enough to do my hair and choose a nice outfit then I can look dressed up.  If not then I pick a random outfit and leave the house.” Fanty among many others do that, but some people just do not care about their appearance.

Some students in high school don’t care about their appearance especially in the middle of the year when they’re comfortable with their friends. Heaven Hart, a Freshman, said, “I would rather be comfortable than dress up because dressing up takes time and is super uncomfortable.” Sometimes when trying to look dressed up, you may wear clothes that aren’t very comfortable.

Jason Henry, a sophomore, said, “It usually takes me 45 minutes to an hour to get ready.” The time spent on getting ready can depend on the way you dress. If you choose to dress comfy it takes about 5 minutes to get ready, but if you like to dress to impress, then it can take up to an hour to be fully ready.

High school students can also be very judgmental at times which can affect the way people choose to dress. Teenagers sometimes take their peers’ opinions to heart and change the way they act or look. Jasmine Enamorado-Feagans, a freshman, said, “I don’t care what people say about the way I look; it’s just their opinion, and I honestly couldn’t care less.”

Opinions matter to teens, especially when they come from friends. When you hang out around a person more often, sometimes you start to dress like them, whether you mean to or not. Fanty said, “I dress my own way but on the occasion my friends and I have similar outfits, but I think we all kind of dress alike anyways these days.”

When you hang out around a certain person, you sort of pick up on the way they act and look. Alex Wozniak, a freshman, said, “Sometimes I just start taking my friends’ clothes because I think I look better in them.”

From time to time, teens stop caring about their appearance and focus more on school and things that go on at home. When this happens, they stop caring about what they look like. Hart said, “Sometimes I just don’t even think about what I’m wearing, it kind of just happens and I don’t mind, plus nobody around me comments on the way I look in a negative way.”

Wozniak said, “When you are around friends and walk up looking comfy and not insecure, people tend to not care as much as they would if you look insecure about your outfit.”

Students usually tend to dress comfortably. Some people can even be comfy in stylish clothes.