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It’s All Chinese to Greenway’s Principal


China is not only on the other side of the world, but it’s also a whole other world.

Mr. Barnes visited Chongqing, China because his oldest son, Greenway graduate Matt Barnes, was accepted in the global program for Northern Arizona University students to study abroad for an interdisciplinary experience.

He said, “The people (in China) are very polite; the way they all treat strangers is very polite. They are all nice, and they love to help anyone that needs help.”

Barnes and his younger son, Greenway senior Ben Barnes, helped his oldest son, Matt, get situated in China. Once they set Matt up in his room, the three of them went out and walked around the city.  Principal Barnes said, “China was very humid and very cloudy.”

Mr. Barnes said, “what we mostly did was we tour a lot and saw all the cool sites.”

He said they had tried the food that is very different from food in America. He had tried was duck feet, duck, pig snouts, pig, and chicken.

Barnes said, “The way the government runs things over there is very different you have to be more polite and respectful and conservative.”

He said he would definitely go back and revisit and see more things he didn’t get to see, but he does not know about living there because he would never get used to their food. However, he someday he wants to see Hong Kong and the Great Wall.

Barnes said, “The craziest thing I saw was the food and the beautiful architecture; it was compact and all the buildings were on top of each other.”

He said the three of them had a blast in China, and everything was so beautiful, especially at night. It was better with all of the lights on the buildings. On two of the buildings a 3D video was playing on them which impressed Mr. Barnes and his boys.

Mr. Barnes had memorable trip filled with site seeing, trying new food and seeing things he had never see in his life.