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Hardest Classes for the Masses


Back in elementary school kids had it easy, classes weren’t hard and the most a kid was responsible for was a short assignment. Now it’s high school. High school classes are a lot harder than before, and many Demons are struggling. Some students hate AP or honors classes because the teachers are strict, or the work is hard.  Some argue that Greenway is known for its challenging curriculum.

Junior Jaidah Baskin said, “The hardest class for me is AP Language. The work is just so hard, and we write so much more than we have in previous classes.”

Ap Language is a Junior English class taught by Ms. Cannaday. This class is known for being challenging and Junior Valerie Bou agrees.

“Oh my gosh AP Language is super hard. I’ve almost considered dropping that class due to how much stress it causes on me,” Bou said. AP Language definitely has a reputation.

“I know my class is hard; that’s the whole point. Why would I make it easy for my students? The whole point is to teach them new things and get them to grow their writing skills. I am always here to help those students who are struggling with homework,” Ms. Cannaday said. So there is a method to all her madness. The harder the curriculum, the more a student learns.

“All of my classes are super easy, but Psychology is kind of hard. The tests are all vocabulary, and it’s hard to study so many words at once,” Junior Michelle Gonzalez said. Psychology is taught by Mr. Morales and is a Junior-Senior class.

“I never thought of my class as hard; as long as you study for the tests you can’t fail my class,” Mr. Morales said. So maybe it’s only hard for the students in his class because they don’t study or pay attention during class.

Sophomore Tammy Pham said, “The hardest class for me is Honors Algebra 2. It’s hard being in a junior class as a sophomore. I have to study so much just to get a passing grade.” Honors Algebra 2 is taught by Mr. Mrozinski and is known for being a hard class.

“Yes, I know my class is hard, but that’s what happens when you take an honors class. I am always here for any struggling students. I try my hardest to make sure every student passes,” Mr. Mrozinski said.

But with these hard classes, there has to be a way to get through it.

To get through stressful and hard classes there are many things Greenway students can do. Studying and taking the time to do homework is a good way to keep a passing grade in a class. Study groups and asking a teacher for help goes a long way; don’t be shy. Stress, on the other hand, can be relieved by just taking some me-time and relaxing every now and then.

In the end, AP Language, Psychology and Honors Algebra 2 are considered some of the hardest classes on campus for the Demons. The teachers know their classes are hard, and they are willing to help students who are struggling.