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STUCO Super Bowl


Greenway hosted a massive state student council event on Thursday, August 29. Thirty five student councils from high schools all over the state converged on campus for this conference. Visiting council members dressed a superheroes were welcomed by our cheering Student Council. All of the schools came showing their spirit with the costumes.

Click on the link below to GBC videographer Hannah Madril’s video of the event


This student council event is about different schools coming to one school to share ideas. It allows all the councils to be able to share and learn new ideas from different people to help improve their programs.

“It was the assembly on crack,” Student Body President Parker Fowler said, “We held this event where kids had to step up into the positions they were given to execute their responsibilities. The board members of Arizona Associations of Student Council visited the conference, and they said it was the best one they had attended that week.”

The preparation for this event was planned a few months before school. Junior Modesto Gamez said, ” It’s a huge event for us as a school and we needed to treat it like no other event. The event is so important for our student council; we need to make sure that it is perfect for when the day comes.”

Weeks before the event, the group decorated posters. While the group was making decorations, “The student body president was in charge of making the script for the day,” said Junior Logan Lani.  The night before, the student council stayed up all night to make sure that everything was ready and everything was perfect for our guests.

The day of the STUCO event, everyone in the student council had to be at school early to get set up. “We had to make sure all the decor was up,” Jade Scott said.

Once the other student council groups got to our school they were greeted. Senior Alicia Davis said, “After the schools were greeted, we all had breakfast together.” When everyone was done with eating, taking pictures and talking to each other, they split into groups. All 35 student council groups were separated into two groups to go talk to a keynote speaker.


Getting to have this opportunity at our school was special to our student council. “The amount of spirt made the whole event come alive,” Davis said. Without every student and teacher showing their spirit for the event, it would have been really dull.

The event helped our student council improve. Lani said, “It helped us with our communication.” With all the schools in one building, communication was what allowed the day to go smoothly. Gamez said that the event helped our student council bond together because they had to all work together to make sure the day didn’t go wrong.

Without help with all our teachers and students involved, this event wouldn’t have been perfect. Gamez said, ” We had great students working and had a lot of help from the maintenance crew, Mr. Feldman, and our STUCO advisor Ms. Gould.” They made it possible for the event to go as smoothly as it did.”