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Savor Your Favor-ite Actors


Without a doubt, watching TV is a favorite pastime. Whether it be popular TV shows like The Office or Stranger Things, or big-name movies made by Disney or Dreamworks, their quality can usually be determined by the actors.

Senior Marissa Hendrickson said, “My favorite actor is Jim Carrey because he is really funny and I like the movies he plays in. My favorite movies he has been in are the Grinch and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. I like the Grinch because it is a classic, and Ace Ventura because Carrey is hilarious in the movie. I also know that Jim Carrey can draw really well.”


Junior Evan Kinsler said, “Donald Glover because he is a general content creator that makes both his own movies and music, and he had earned a lot of awards. I really like the movie Atlanta because it is not a gangster film while sharing a setting and similar characteristics of one. The way [Glover] develops it is so unique. I’ve also heard the before Donald Glover went to perform a song at a high school, one person threatened to shoot him, but he performed anyways.”



Sophomore Everett Steller said, “Tom Holland because he is Spider-Man and Spider-Man is cool. My favorite movie by Holland was Spiderman Far from Home the movie was very well made; he got a new suit, and it was really cool to watch.”



Junior Makenzie Beasley said, “Chris Hemsworth because he is really funny, and I enjoyed his role in Avengers Endgame. He is also really hot. His best movie was Thor: Ragnarok. It was the funniest Thor movie and Jeff Goldblum was in it.”



Senior Lorenzo Marques said, “Adam Sandler because all of his movies are really good and he acts dumb, which makes him funny. I really enjoyed Grown Ups and Click because they were funny and I like the whole remote control controlling time aspect of the movie.”

Without a doubt, movies have become an important form of entertainment and the people that directors hire can mean all the difference in a movie. So knowing which actors and actresses are the best in their field can really help us judge the quality of a really good movie or show.