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Demon Center (2)

Football (Varsity and 9-10)

Varsity: (9-1)

8/30 Estrella @7 pm- Away- 33-13 (Win)

Game Highlights:


Well Friday night was a huge night for our football team.  Our gridiron warriors headed up to the Estrella Foothills to take on the fifth ranked Wolves on the road.  Our opponents looked like the fifth ranked team in the state in the first half as they shut out the Demons holding a 13 to zero lead.  But the coach Cook used the power of the beard to conjure up some adjustments, and the Demons came out in the second half and played like a team possessed.  Greenway outscored the home team 33 to zero in the last 30 minutes. That’s right our mighty Demons made a major statement as the offensive caught fire and our Demon Defense of Destruction shut down Estrella.

9/6 Sierra Linda @7 pm- Away-Win (51-12)

Game Highlights:


Greenway’s football team rolled to their second win of season by taming the Sierra Linda Bulldogs by a score of 51 to 12.  Daniel Craig ran for 114 yards and Daymond Neal caught a 39 yard touchdown pass from Aiden Murphy. The defense was dominating as Arron Gurley led the way with seven tackles while Jace Creed, Ethan Slick and Nick Deaver all had five a piece.


9/13 Bradshaw @7 pm- Home-Win (36-12)

Game Highlights:


Friday night was great night in the land of the Demons. The stands were packed with red, white and blue clad students who were loud and proud. Greenway’s gridiron warriors exploded onto the field in their jet black uniforms with victory on their minds.  Despite falling behind 10 to 0 in first four minutes, the mighty Demons regrouped and began to play the power brand of football they are capable of.  The Demons took a 13 to 12 lead into the half. Then it was time for the best darn band in the land to perform and Greenway’s cross country team displayed domination and we will give you a full cross country report tomorrow. The second half belonged to the Demons as the crowd rallied into a frenzy. Celebrations broke out across the stadium as the Demons improved their record to 3 and O, and took down one of their toughest opponents.

9/20 Deer Valley @7 pm- Home-Win (13-3)

Game Highlights:


On Friday night, the Demons remained undefeated by taking down Deer Valley by a score of 13 to 3. The Demons were cruising until quarterback Aiden Murphy was sidelined with a concussion after a 12 yard run. Greenway did not score after Murphy’s departure, but the mighty Demon defense would not allow a touchdown.

9/27 Buckeye @7 pm- Away-Loss (13-14)

Greenway had two notable plays. One play, Greenway punted the ball, and Buckeye fumbled it and Greenway recovered. Sadly, the Demons did not end up scoring. Another play, with about 3 minutes left in the half, Greenway had a pick. Although, again we did not score

The team was all pumped up and ready in the second half.  Greenway came out, only down 7-0. It was heartbreaking when we Buckeye scored again, and was up 14-0. Greenway retaliated with a huge touchdown to put us back in the game. It was 14-7. 

In the 4th quarter I wanted to see another touchdown and a 14-0 comeback story. Christian Johnson had a huge run, breaking 3 tackles to run for a TD. What was scary was we ended up missing the extra point. The offense was really moving the chains with 1:30 left on the clock. The Demons ended up running down the clock. With 0:03 seconds left, we had no choice but to kick a field goal. The ball was kicked, it was up in the air. Everyone was holding their breath. Brandon Woodland looked like he kicked in slow motion. Sadly, it was wide left. But in the end, the Demons don’t win every game or make every field goal. 

It was a really good game to watch too and fans were glad they went. Greenway are also still 5-1, don’t forget it. Next game is against Shadow Mountain. 


10/4 Shadow Mountain @7 pm- Home-Win (56-21)

10/11 Thunderbird @7 pm- Away-Win (33-0)

10/18 St. Mary’s @7 pm- Home-Win (35-10)

10/25 Tempe @7 pm- Home-Win (13-12)


11/1 Moon Valley @7 pm- Away-Win (26-0)

State Playoffs:

11/8 Peoria @7 pm-Away-

9th/10th: (4-5)

9/4 Sierra Linda @6 pm- Away-30-0 (Win)

Greenway’s 9-10 football team played their first game of the season at Sierra Linda where they tamed the bull dogs by a score of 30 to 0. The offense was firing on all cylinders and the defense did not give up a point. After falling to Bradshaw on Wednesday their record stands with one win and one loss.  The future varsity Demons will host Deer Valley this Wednesday at 6pm.  Let’s hear it Greenway’s 9-10 football squad.


9/11 Bradshaw @6 pm- Home-8-44 (Loss)

9/18 Deer Valley @6 pm- Home-Loss- 6-48

Greenway’s 9-10 football team fell to Deer Valley as their record is now one and two.  One highlight of the game included a late touchdown scored by the Demon Defense.   The 9-10 team will travel to Buckeye next Wednesday where they will take on the Hawks.  Let’s hear it for the 9-10 football team.

9/25 Buckeye @6 pm- Away-Loss (2-20)

10/2 Shadow Mountain @6 pm- Home-Win (24-6)

10/9 Thunderbird @6 pm- Away-Win (16-9)

10/16 St. Mary’s @6 pm- Home-Loss (0-34)

10/23 Tempe @6pm- Home-Loss(12-36)

10/30 Moon Valley @6 pm- Away-Win (50-8)