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Fall Assembly Spirit- Can You Hear It?


On September 6th Demons had an amazing day filled with spirit and excitement. Greenway finally had their first assembly which included all of the fall sports teams, band, cheer, drill and class competitions. 

Senior Parker Fowler was one of the main speakers at the assembly, and the students loved his exuberance with the microphone.

He explained how all students should be pumped up because “it is always exciting to be around so much energy and spirit.” Greenway is known for their spirit, and the Demons weren’t afraid to be loud and show their spirit. One of Parker’s favorite parts is the chanting. “Hearing a loud school screaming “Let’s Go Greenway,” really gets me hyped and my blood pumping,” he said.

Junior Modesto Gamez Jr. said, “My favorite part about the assemblies is that all the different grades are hyped, and it’s a good vibe all around.” Along with all the good vibes, there is also some tension between the upper and lower classes. “The tensions between all the classes is super cool, and it just brings the school together to show off our Greenway spirit,” he said. 


Around halfway through the assembly is everyone’s favorite part: the games. The four classes go against each other to win a point towards getting the spirit stick. “My favorite part of the assembly are the games because they are really fun, and it brings the kids together,” Junior Jade Scott said.


“The games are super funny to watch. I always see people recording and laughing; it’s definitely a great to be around,” Sophomore Jonah Shupe said. 

On the other hand, assemblies are full of backstage hardships. Putting a whole assembly together is not easy for just one class, but they always manage to throw an amazing assembly. Fowler said how every StuCo member “works so hard to make sure you all have a great time.” It takes a lot of blood, sweat, and tears for these students. “I have to make sure everyone is doing what they’re supposed to do.” Fowler obviously has the hardest part of the entire assembly. He also writes the script along with Rebecca Weedman.

Shupe also knows how much work setting up an assembly is. “Doing the decorations is definitely the hardest part,” Shupe said. “I’m not that creative, so making sure all the banners and decorations are perfect is super hard.” Overall, these students should get a lot of credit for their hard work. 

The loudest part of the assembly is definitely when the sports teams are announced. Kids from all grades scream at the naming of each player for football, swimming, golf, and more. After the naming of each sport, the teams would throw little treats to the classes. They threw candy, rubber ducks, and even golf balls. 

At the end, the announcement of which class won the spirit stick finally happened. The junior class won! It was a big surprise since every class, especially the seniors, showed an extreme amount of spirit. Overall, everyone enjoyed getting to skip class for some fun with their friends and peers.