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Drones on their Phones


Many teenagers these days have phones. These phones can cause a distraction when kids are doing their work for school. People never pay attention to the real world for instance, there are a ton people everyday crashing and bumping into others on campus because they are staring at their phones. When we take away those distractions and focus, our life becomes easier. I know that when I was younger I always wanted to get the newest electronics, and others try to get their friends to pay attention to the conversations that they are having about an important event . So I decided to go around campus and see what others had to say about phones and their opinions on how they affect them.


As technology evolves teenagers become more and more into their electronics. Then as soon as a new electronic comes out, kids want more and more. Sooner or later it starts to add up on a bill which makes the parents pay more unnecessary money. Also they get more and more expensive when they come out with the newest type of electronics. Also to add onto the expense of the device, students use apps like Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, and more, and these types of apps have a bill attached to it which makes the bills even higher. Freshman Emily Brown said, “She can’t do her homework without using her phone because she needs to listen to music.”



Many students use their phones for videos and they don’t use it for homework, and if they do, they easily get distracted from people texting or calling them. Even adults can get easily distracted. Adults can also get distracted on their phones during work or when they’re at home too. Junior Sam Wong said, “That the longest he has been without his phone was three weeks.” Freshman Sheliy Perez said,“She has been without her phone for a month.”


Even when students are less distracted they still can’t focus knowing that you are missing the latest trends and other things. Kids also like to look up stupid things that are stuck in their search history which makes parents curious on what they’re looking up, and then the kids will get in trouble. Like many people these days people are obsessed with the latest trends or the newest items that are being sold and it distracts people. Junior Liana Duran said that parents should check their phones because “kids are stupid.”

Students use their phones morning, afternoon and night and I ask people about their opinions on electronics and how they use them because it’s different for every student that uses their phones. And most importantly we need to learn to use our phones wisely for homework and for we were actually saying we’re using it for not getting distracted and doing something else.so please when you use your phone next use it for the intended use and not just for texting and watching TV. And don’t forget when you get good grades and you get your homework done then you have time to be on your phone and do those things so that you have better focus and get in trouble less.