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Demon Stress Fest


I was really stressed in 7th grade. My teacher started giving the class 10 assignments on a Monday and expecting them to be done by Friday that same week. I was so stressed that I fell behind and began to fail that class along with many others. That year my stress was so bad that my whole family was concerned. Other teenagers go through this as well.

As high school is starting the stress is beginning to come back to many of us students. Not all students are completely stressed out but a lot are. Freshman Alexander Wozniak said, “I’m somewhat stressed, but most of the time I’m content.”¬† NYU studies show that 48% of high school students are stressed when it comes to school. Sophomore Haleigh Anderson said, “I’m not really that stressed this year; it was more my freshman year that was stressful for me.”

Many high school students have an individual class that is the worst for them. Lovely Mekar, a junior said, “History causes more stress for me because it is hard to understand, and the class is at a slow pace.” Tests can also take a toll on high schoolers. Freshman Jasmine Enamorado-Feagans said, “Tests stress me out because if I fail then my grade can go down.” It can be hard trying to study for exams. If you’re an athlete you don’t have the time to study or do homework.

Wozniak said, “Between football and school, things can be stressful especially in the mornings when I think about my unfinished homework.” Athletes have it bad when they have a late practice and then chores on top of schoolwork.

In high school, there is also lots and lots of drama. Friends can even make you more stressed. Freshman Vanessa Robles said, “My friends can make it worse when I’ve had a bad day and they annoy me, but they usually help me when I’m stressed.” Friends can also really help you out. ¬†Enamorado-Feagans said, “Freinds help me when they comfort me and remind me that everything will be alright especially when I’m doubting everything, I know I can count on my friends to be there for me.”

Teachers can also help students with stress by doing certain things. Mekar said, “If teachers would review things one by one and teach the class slower it would be a lot easier to understand the class and not be stressed.”¬† Teachers tend to go faster and some students have troubles getting the work done in time and having the right answers.

Some teens decide to hide away from their families when they get home. Anderson said, “When I get home I can just relax and forget about school.” Stress can sometimes follow people home depending on the way they get along with their families. Stress can actually cause families to lash out at each other as well and this can cause students to start failing classes if they aren’t focused.

Stress is very unhealthy and can break many relationships. Not everyone is completely stressed, but a lot of people are, to some degree, stressed out.