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If Greenway Were A Movie


Question: “If Greenway were a movie, what movie would it be and why?”

“Greenway would be the Breakfast Club because there’s a variety of people.” – Valerie Lopez                  

“Greenway would be the Lego movie because everything is awesome.” – Elise Schilling

“Greenway would be High School Musical because it’s like high school.” – Gerry Lopez                

“Greenwaywould be Ferris Bueller’s Day Off because everyone has those times where they fake being sick to go out with their friends and hang out, but there’s always the risk of getting in trouble for ditching. But that’s what makes high school fun.” – Brody Bobzien             

“Greenway would be Pitch Perfect because there’s many types of people.” – Cody Cooper

“Greenway is like Captain America: Civil War because of the boys’ locker room.” Keenan McKinnon

“Greenway is like Brokeback Mountain because there’s a bunch of cowboys.” – Johnathan Renteria


“Greenway would be Pineapple Express because it relates to the students at Greenway.” – Julian Arias


“Greenway would be Pitch Perfect because there’s a big variety of personalities.” – James Lowery


“Greenway would be Mean Girls because it relates to Greenway’s students.” – Rachael Myers