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Demon Class Experiences


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Now that the school year is coming to an end, we have all had our equal share of amazing experiences in class. Sometimes it can be from doing a fun activity that you actually enjoy or it can be doing an easy assignment that you are able to work on with all of your friends in that class. Here are some of our fellow demons favorite class experiences.

Senior Emily Martin said that her favorite class experience from this school year would “probably be practicing songs for our fall choir concert”. It occurred in October and they sounded “pretty great” according to Martin. “It was just really fun and everyone was so happy that why it’s my favorite class of the day,” Martin said. Martin also said that she enjoys singing with her friends and that is exactly what she did in her class that day.

Freshman Jayden Hanson said that her favorite class experience from the 2018-2019 school was reading “Romeo and Juliet” in her honors English class. “Ms. Cannaday talked to the students as if they were the actual characters, we had to choose the parts we wanted and had to act it out.” Hanson said that “it was a really exciting experience.” Hanson said that reading that story together was way more entertaining then just reading it by herself.

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Carmen Naovaransy, a freshman, said that her favorite class experience was running the mile in P.E. “I was able to run with some of my friends which is always fun. Even though at times running the mile was hard, it was still fun to get a break from the other work we would have to do in that class.” Naovaransy said that she really likes running and to do it in school was even better for her experience.

Senior Rachel Feeley said that her favorite experience was when she was peer tutoring for Ms. Cannaday’s third hour honors english class. Feeley said it was especially great when the class was reading the story “Romeo and Juliet”. “They read it during most of fourth quarter,” Feeley said. “It was quite funny to watch them try and figure out the dirty jokes and realize that Romeo and Juliet isn’t what they first thought.” A close second favorite experience for Feeley would be during marching band. “I really loved my clarinet section this year, they acted like my school family.”

Junior Jacob Burden said his favorite class experience of this year was when he was able to ride his dirt bike for a science class experiment for his science class. “I was happy that I got to do something I love and include it in my science class for a grade.” Burden said that he had to record himself doing it because he obviously could not ride his dirt bike in class.

We have all had our fair share of great moments, especially those that we have shared in the classroom. Here’s to many more of those fantastic moments here at Greenway. Onward to the 2019-2020 school year!