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Hot or Cold Breakfast is Sold


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and is vital to starting your day off right. But what’s better, a hot or a cold breakfast? These students shared their thoughts on what the ideal breakfast would be.


Tarynn Emery – “Cold because I love cereal. There are so many types of cereal to choose from, and I could eat it for every meal.”


Axel Wong – “I would prefer a cold breakfast because I like to eat a lot of sweet things, and it’s healthier (cold fruit breakfast).”


Berenice Ornelas – “I think that a hot breakfast would be more preferable because it is a nice start to your day. A good breakfast would be something like waffles and bacon with some fruit on the side.”


Maria Ortiz – “I would prefer a cold breakfast because I love cereal and milk in the morning.”


Nicole Lessard – “I would prefer a cold breakfast because if you get bored of the cold taste you can easily heat it up to get a better meal. It doesn’t taste the same when you let hot food cool.”


Matt Scaff – “I tend to prefer a hot breakfast, usually just an egg burrito or a warm bagel. It just helps to wake me up and give me some energy.”


Hannah Riutta – “I usually prefer a hot breakfast like breakfast burritos and bagels because it fills me up more than a cold breakfast would.”


Jasmine Kelly – “Hot because there is a variety of different options. Also eggs- that’s why.”


Daniel Hernandez – “Hot food because it is warm and relaxing for the mind.”


Kade Attaway – “Cold because I was raised off cereal and it is easy to make.”

Looks like it’s a tie! There are many different breakfast foods, so some people may choose taste over what’s better for you. Either way, breakfast is important to setting up a great day!