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Do You Think The Endgame is Lame?


The Avenger Endgame was released around 2 weeks ago and it has been crazy ever since. The theater has been super crowded and many things have been going around about the movie. It’s insane how the first ever Avenger movie was 11 years ago! Have you ever seen the Avenger Endgames? Don’t worry there won’t be any spoilers in this article but be aware anyway!

As for me, I have seen the movie and many heartbreaking and tearful scenes but overall it was the best movie out there. I don’t believe any other movie could beat it, but there are more different view and opinions on the movie.

Bianca Mirza

Bianca over here hasn’t seen the movie but she has heard a lot of rumors about people dying in the movies. “I expect to see all the heroes fighting together to defeat Thanos just like how they are always fighting someone in every other movie I’ve seen”.”A good movie is nothing without death, love, and hate, I expect to see that too.” Some rumors are believable to her but then again they are just “rumors”.

Tammy Pham

Tammy hasn’t seen the movie either! “I expect a lot of deaths to happen from the main characters and I haven’t heard any rumors”.


Laura Rodriguez

Someone that has seen the Endgames is Laura and in her perspective, it seems like a good movie. “The movie was honestly so sad. It was heartbreaking to see these people die. It was really a great movie overall and I recommend it 100% to any Avengers fans. :)”


Hayley Olsen

Hayley has not seen the movie since she’s not a big superhero, but from what she heard there is going to be a huge fight between the two parties and main characters dies. “I’ve heard so many rumors, some for a fact I know aren’t true like Hulk and Thanos combining together. I’ve also heard some that could be true like who had died and how.”


Peter Nahabedian

Peter has seen the Avengers Endgame and thought it was amazing. “I have heard rumors about SpongeBob dying and I think the rumors are hilarious.” He recommends this to everyone since it’s really good!


Sara Savic

“I’ve seen the movie. I think that it’s amazing and a really good movie. I did cry a little but overall it’s my favorite movie currently.”


Teeanna Tejeda

Teeanna has seen the movie she thinks “some parts are very depressing but over all it’s a good movie! Some parts of the movie was really funny and people should go check it out if they haven’t.”


Ashley Schneider

The movie “was amazing and I haven’t heard any rumors. The movie was really great but very long, it was about 3 hours so good luck.”

To sum up, most of these reviews are amazing and the movie was so good. I recommend those who haven’t seen the Avengers Endgame to go and watch it. It made me cry so much, I really liked the movie and I’m sure you’ll like it too!