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No Bones About Smartphones


Nowadays people have had the joy of holding and trying out different phones, and they find out that not all phones are the best for them. In this article we are going to discover how diverse people’s phone preferences can be.

Sophomore Aiden Byington got his phone for free. It is a ZTE QLink that was given by the government.

His preferred software is Android. When I asked his preference for phones he said he would rather have a Samsung Galaxy 9.  Aiden said that what Android phones can do for him that others can’t is run certain Google apps only compatible with Android software. His favorite thing about Samsung Galaxy phones is that they don’t break easily. Aiden also feels that Android has more operating abilities and the fastest software. Though, he does have to admit that the Google Pixel 3 has better picture quality.



Bernice Ornealas’s phone, an iPhone 7, costed around $250.

She feels that iPhone is definitely superior due to it’s faster software. Bernice really likes iPhones for their simplicity and their nice clean look.  She said if she could have one phone it would be the iPhone 8+. She does concede that Androids do have more operating abilities and better picture quality; such as the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. In the end, Bernice was won over by Apple because of their texting style, she says that the blocky way Androids send texts is not pleasing on the eyes.



Dylan Mayhugh has an Alcatel One Touch Fierce 2 phone. It was given to him from his mother and costs around $125. He feels that this phone model is the perfect size for him.

Dylan likes Androids due to their operating ability, he feels that they can do a lot more than other companies like Apple. He does acknowledge that the Samsung Galaxy J3 does have the one of the best cameras he has come across. Surprisingly, he said that if he was given the option of having any phone, it would be a Razer Phone. The Razer Phone is a gaming phone created by a high-tech gaming company. Again, due to the fact that the Razer is yet another Android phone, it’s not actually too surprising. Dylan’s favorite thing about Android phones is that he is able to download music and videos for free.



Sophomore Isaac Barr has an LG Stylo 3, which costs around $180. In his opinion, his phone takes the best photos. He also likes the stylus that comes built in with the phone and that his phone can turn on just by double-tapping the screen.


From his experience he believes Apple has a faster software and he actually prefers Apple over Android phones. If given the opportunity he would prefer to have an iPhone X than what he has now. Contrary to that, Isaac does admit that Android does have more operating abilities than Apple.


Sasha Lykken has a Motorola G6. The phone costs $200-$240 depending on where you get it.

She holds to her opinion that her phone has the best camera she has come across. She prefers Android phones which explains her bias towards them. She feels that Android phones have the most operating abilities and they have the fastest software. Sasha’s favorite parts about her phone is that it automatically save photos she takes to Google Drive and that when she swipes left, it shows her news articles related to her interests. She loves her phone and wouldn’t have any other.