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Next Year Try Art Club Dear


Art Club has been run by Ms. Benson ever since she started teaching the arts here at Greenway. She teaches both the 3D and 2D art classes throughout the day and said that “Art Club is officially Mondays from 2:40 to 3:45; however students are welcome to come in and use the studios any time that (she) is there”. Attending Art Club is beneficial for those who are already in Ms.Benson’s class as it allows the students to get extra class time to work on their projects. She is quoted as saying “students choose what they’d like to work on; occasionally I will offer mini-lessons and sessions as well” when asked about what kind of projects the students work on.

All Greenway students are allowed to come in and join Art Club as it’s not strictly for those in Ms.Benson’s classes. “Art Club is run as an open studio and welcomes anyGreenway students who are looking for the chance to have a designated time and studio space to work on their art or to learn about techniques in a relaxed atmosphere” (Benson). The number of students that attend Art Club can vary anywhere from 5 to around 12 or 15, as students mostly choose when they attend.

There are many different artistic mediums to use, and Ms.Benson likes to use both 2D and 3D techniques. “I guess I would say metal and clay as well as mixed media pieces are my favorite”, she says.

Everyone enjoys art differently. For many it is just a hobby, but others it is their passion. What I enjoy most about art is that it allows the artist self-expression and the chance to produce an object or image that can freeze a moment in time, a feeling or emotion-and art keeps on giving. Creating art is also very therapeutic for me” (Benson). But no one is born with the talent of creating masterpieces, art takes time to learn. Being “good” is different than being “professional” in the art world.

Want help with drawing something? New to arts and crafts? Want to experiment with clay? Attend Art Club open every Monday and specific after school times, you may discover your new passion for art!