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Hair We Go


Many hairstyles of high school students have changed over the years. Whether it’s the length of their hair or giving it a permanent wave. Cleanness and neatness are what really matters to most people.  High school students have countless types of hairstyles and some of them really care about what people think of their hair and others don’t.

For example, almost all my life I had long hair, but whenever I needed a trim I never wanted to go because I didn’t want my hair to look shorter. And every day I would use heat on my hair which made it worse. Even if my hair looked dead and had many split ends I never wanted a haircut. Now I don’t care much for long hair, and I take care of my hair, thankfully today it’s silky and soft.

Here, I have 10 people who say why they have the hairstyles they wear.

Jasmine Kelly, a Freshman, said, “I used to put so much effort in my hair, but I got lazy and started to not care so now I just wake up and go.”

Freshman Stephanie Garcia said, “Cause I wanna be OG and not like everyone; it’s something different like it’s not something I see all the time.”

Freshman Josh Singer had answered, “Hmmm I guess its cuz my hair is even uglier if I don’t style my hair so I have too.”

Elvedin Kurtic, a Freshman had answered, “I chose this haircut because it gets me the babes.”

Freshman Marcellous Williams answered, “I choose this haircut because of a lot of anime characters have it, and I like it.

Jade Ho, a senior, said,  “It’s simple and easy to do in the morning when I’m lazy. The headband gives it extra bling and matches all my outfits.”

Dezaray Saucedo, a Sophomore, answered, “Because with shorter hair there’s not much to do.”

Freshman Hailey Connor answered, “Because I have nothing else to do and they’re easier.”

Kelly Shaffer, a Freshman, said, “I want people to judge me and I don’t care what they think.”

As you can see, there are a variety of reasons why students at Greenway choose the hairstyles they do.