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Greenway Critiques are Somewhat Unique


There is a diversity of students that attend Greenway High School. Greenway is a welcoming school that gives many opportunities to the students. Many people have different thoughts about this school.

Freshman, Jacob Fernandez described his first year of high school.  “The first day of school was sorta lit, but after that it got boring. Overall I give it a 5/10 to be honest, just cause it’s still school. I got detention for leaving my hydro on the table; I thought that was kinda whack. Greenway is a nice campus. I actually really like it how it’s all new. I think a lot of people agree with me on that. We have a pretty nice campus. I love it here.”

Jasmine Kelly said, “It’s pretty dope. I don’t really have any complaints. I was on basketball, volleyball, and softball and that was really fun. I made a lot of friends including some of my best friends. Also, the cookies are so great especially the m&m ones, so I really enjoy Greenway. I love the people and the atmosphere.”


Jacey Wilson said, “I think Greenway is a good school and that there’s a lot of good students and teachers. I’m happy I go here, and that I came knowing all the people I grew up with. I also love meeting new friends and participating in sports like softball and volleyball.”

Sophomore, Matthew Teófilo said, “Greenway is filled with a lot of different personalities and that’s what makes Greenway great, no cap!”

Matthew Breshears, a sophomore, had said that he “[likes] Greenway and [that his] sophomore year was a lot better than [his] freshman.”               


Sophomore Maddie Donner said, “I love how much school spirit is at greenway, especially during football season. I love most of the people, and everyone for the most part is kind and lighthearted. My teachers care about my growth, and want me to succeed. Personally I think I fit in really well with Greenway and My sophomore year has been filled with so many memories, laughs, sports, and new opportunities.”               

Ariana Molinares, a junior, said, “Junior year has been my favorite year so far cause of all the experiences and I’ve met a lot of new friends.”                            

Junior Valerie Lopez exclaimed, “I like greenway! I feel like mostly everyone is nice. And junior year is hard, especially chem.”      


Andrea Suciu, a junior, said that  “Greenway is amazing. I got to meet so many people and by doing sports here I got to make some of my bestest friends that have become like a family to me. Junior year was better than I expected, the school work got harder but I’ve learned a lot and made some great memories this year.”       

Senior, David Alcantar said, “It was good, I love the programs greenway provides. Through greenway buddies Mr. Renard and his students, I found the career I want to pursue, special education. Senior year was honestly my favorite and best year, I’m not really sure why but it was definitely the best. I’m so happy I went to Greenway and I recommend this school to anyone.”   

Fernando Anaya, a senior, “Let’s just say that I came into the year very confident setting goals that I was planning to meet. However, as time passed seniorities hit and I became sorta lazy. I’ve met many good people but kept the same friend circle. Trusted only ya feel.”

Matthew Medina, a senior, “It was amazing. senior year was the best year because I finally got out of my comfort zone and joined Cross Country which was one of the best experiences. I really enjoyed going on trips throughout the years like Disneyland and with education professions. I love that all the buildings are really close and it’s a new campus compared to my freshman year. I love the people and my best friends that I have made .”

As you can see, each grade level has similar ideas about Greenway. Most of the comments made were talking about how positive and great Greenway really is. This school always has a clean and positive environment for its students.