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Does School or Club Get The Dub


Many student-athletes here at Greenway are very athletically involved and actually play club sports on top of school sports.

Sophomore Susan Bartholomew plays volleyball for AZ Thunder 17U. She has been playing volleyball for 4 years and has played 2 seasons in club. “Bigger clubs tend to be more serious and not as much fun, but if you’re more serious about the sport, than a bigger club will get you more opportunities,” said Bartholomew about club sports. “You can also form a lot of friendships during club season because the team basically becomes your family for the season.”

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She mentioned that school sports have more drama because you might have to play and get along with people who you see all the time, and there may be school drama involved. Although there are some cons to school sports, she mentioned that there are some good things about them, too. “It’s a fun thing to represent your school and get to know your school team better,” Bartholomew said.

She said that she personally likes playing club volleyball better than playing at school because it’s easier to avoid drama on a club team. She also said that she feels more pressure to be perfect on a school team because people from school are watching.

Saul Ruiz

Junior Saul Ruiz, who plays varsity soccer here at Greenway and for CCV Stars has been playing soccer for about 9 years. “Some positives of club soccer are winning big tournaments and being able to perform in front of college coaches to get scholarships,” said Ruiz. He also mentioned that a negative of club is not getting playing time when he knows he can make a difference on the field.

Jasmine Kelly

Freshman Jasmine Kelly plays basketball for Aim High Elite and has been playing basketball for about 6 years (1-year club). “Some pros for me, personally club is being able to play and create a bond with people outside of school, and getting lots of extra practice,” said Kelly about club basketball. “…and mine at least really focuses on bettering us as players.” She said that the club’s main focus is an improvement.


“Some cons of club are that it’s time-consuming, with practices every day and games on the weekend as well,” said Kelly. “If you aren’t willing to put in the time and work, you won’t get anything in return.” She said that it’s either you’re all in, or you’re not.

She said that personally prefers club over school ball. “As much as I love playing for my school with my friends, I feel like I’ve always done better when I was playing with people I was closer with.”


Junior Kailin Richards, who plays for Club One Volleyball and plays for our varsity volleyball squad has been playing volleyball since third grade. “You learn a lot from club, it’s not all just sports, it teaches you about life skills, too.


For example, when you don’t want to go to practice and would rather hang out with friends, you still need to go to practice and get work done. It teaches you discipline, how to work with others, and the list goes on,” said Richards. She said that some positives of school ball are working with close friends and representing your school. A negative part of school ball is the practice schedule.

She said that she prefers club over school volleyball because “club is like a whole new world of volleyball”. She mentioned that many things such as speed, play, and the level of competition are very different in club than in school. “Since I play at such a far away club, it’s like a different family and you get close to all of your teammates and different girls from your club.”

Katie Dimian

Freshman Katie Dimian, who plays varsity soccer here at Greenway and for West Phoenix FC has been playing soccer for about 10 years. She said that some good things about club are that you get extra practice compared to school, but she said she dislikes the two-day practices during the week.


“Some pros of school sports are that colleges can notice you, and you have practice every day typically,” Dimian said. “The cons of school soccer is that you could have drama or not like someone on your team.” She said that she enjoys club soccer more than school because the season is quite a bit longer and club sports typically don’t lose as many people during the season.