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Demon Gamers are Hall of Famers

ESports are multiplayer video games played competitively for spectators, typically by professional gamers. Competitive gaming is a form of eSports if you aren’t a “professional” gamer. Those of us that play video games most likely aren’t getting paid millions of dollars like some eSport athletes are; however, we all believe in competitive gaming and all desire to better our skills and be the best we can be. Personally, I am a competitive gamer and play alongside my clan, PBG.
The photo above shows gaming professionals as they face off against the other group at a competition. A handful of gamers from Greenway were asked a series of questions asking about their occupation and relationship with video games.
What types of games do you play?
Fellow PBG member Mohommad Ibrahim states, “Personally, I can play any game from [NBA] 2k and UFC to Rainbow6 and Apex; however, I usually play sports games more casually, while I kind of sweat Rainbow6.”
Do you competitively play video games?
Classmate Jesse Bamba answers, “Well, I try to. Sometimes I have my days where I can play kind of good, other days, well, I don’t want to talk about it.”
Matthew Karp also said, ” I used to. I used to be very good but with school and a plethora of homework, I just don’t play like I used to.”
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What console do you play on?
PBG member Paul Marghitas said, “Xbox are you serious? I do not have respect for those that play PS4”.
On the other hand, sophomore Caleb Wahner said, “PS4 duh. Xbox kids just settle for less. PS4 way better.”
Forget the image of a sulky video gamer alone in his bedroom with a computer and three days’ worth of pizza boxes. Now that esports — live video game competitions — are a high school sport, young game enthusiasts might be moving into the spotlight. These kids aren’t just taking over high school computer labs across the country; they’re changing what it means to be a student athlete. And while you may not relish the idea of your kid spending even more time playing video games, pro gamers can make big bucks — and top student esports players can even win college scholarships.